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The Magic List

Let's get you on a magical success track, and we can discuss theory later.

Here's how you get actual results:

Distill your six most currently pressing needs into two categories:

  1. three things you'd like to eliminate; and,

  2. three things you'd like to produce.

The items on your list must be within your magical sphere of influence. This simply means that those items are things that you think are possible for you, even though you have no idea HOW they could manifest.

Make sure you revise your list as frequently as needed to reflect your six most pressing needs/desires.

These items must be specific, not general.

An example of a specific item might be: "Manifest 2 or more packages of toilet paper."

This is well defined and also within your sphere of influence.

Even though in the midst of the buying panic at the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak the stores are all out and you have no idea where it will come from.

An example of an item not clearly defined might be "Have all our needs met."

How would you ever check this item off your list? How would you ever know that all your needs have been met?

The Magic List is only for our most pressing needs and desires, not our long term goals.

Read over your Magic List periodically. Work a spell on just one of these items at a time, but know that as you do so, all six are being treated magically by virtue of your daily practice, and by their being on the Magic List.

Often times we will easily accomplish all six items while only casting on one.

Immediately, each time you get an accomplishment:

  1. check the item off the list;

  2. do a ritual of gratitude for its accomplishment;

  3. add a new item to replace the item that has been accomplished.

Keep a running tally of all your magical successes. Your magical success tally will become extremely long if you work magic daily.

This magical success tally becomes your rock of faith, and your power continues to grow.

The more success you tally, the stronger your power becomes. The stronger your power becomes, the larger your sphere of influence widens.

Now is a VERY important time for each of us to expand our spheres of influence.

This expansion only comes through DAILY practice.

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Jeania Bigbie
Jeania Bigbie
Sep 02, 2021

Thank you so much for sharing...very helpful. Blessed Be 🌹

Ariel Gatoga
Ariel Gatoga
Sep 03, 2021
Replying to

You are very welcome! Blessed be.


Olive Firelight
Olive Firelight
Jul 23, 2020

Thanks for the link Ariel, this will help so much BB


Mar 31, 2020

Very elegant system!


Susan Abbott
Susan Abbott
Mar 20, 2020

Thank you !!


Doesn't get much simpler than that! Streamlined magic at it's best. Thank you Ariel.

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