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The Solution Is Already Available

When a teacher puts an equation on the board to be solved by a student, the answer already exists. The student is not required to create the correct answer; rather, they are required to realize the answer that already exists.⁠

In a similar fashion, all our problems have also already got solutions. We aren't supposed to create solutions for problems, instead, we must realize the solutions to our problems that already exist.

To do this we need to be cognizant of our role in the problem-solving process. We are the student, not the teacher. We must ask to be guided and led to the realization of the solution that already exists. ⁠


This we can only do when we are in a receptive state of mind. In some Zen studies, this is described as making the mind like an empty rice bowl. Jesus called it becoming like a small child.⁠

A child knows that they don't know; thus they want to learn and be guided. The same childlike wonder is what is required of us to be led to the solution of ANY problem that is before us.

If we don't do this, and instead think that the creation of the solution is up to us, we then place ourselves in a role we were not created to fulfill.


The moment we decide that we know the answers, we immediately shut the door on our assistance, and thus have an experience of being all alone and by ourselves.⁠

This is the birth of fear. Once we have allowed fear into the equation, we must start again. We must remind ourselves that fear only enters when we have turned our backs on our own spiritual assistance that is continuously available.⁠

"Dear Spirit, I know that the solution to this is already available for me fully formed. I ask to be led and shown the way to realize this solution here and now. Thank you VERY much! So mote it be!"⁠

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