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Walking the Way of the Magus - The Ancient Craft of Magic

Distinguishing the Voices of Spirit and Ego

Have you ever struggled to differentiate between the voice of Spirit and ego? It can be challenging to discern which voice motivates us, especially considering the "voice" we refer to is not always audible. Instead, it's an inner urging or guidance.

Typically, the ego mind is the first and loudest voice we hear, while the voice of our spiritual guidance is a still, small, persistent voice that seldom raises its volume.

It's impossible to listen to both voices simultaneously. The voice we usually pay attention to is the one we hear most clearly. When we're in a state of fear, we tend to listen to the ego's voice.

To identify which voice you're hearing, try finding a moment of relaxation and peace. You don't need to perform an elaborate ritual to do this; take a moment to relax your body and ask for peace. Once you've quieted your chattering mind, you'll be able to hear the voice of Spirit that endures in that peaceful realm.

Embracing Magic: A Path to Wisdom and Unity

Let's consider how this applies to magic. Often, people view magic as something that only occurs in a designated space, such as an altar or magic circle. However, magic occurs in the inner planes. Discerning between the two voices in your mind can bring magic into your life and create a more harmonious existence by focusing on the world of magic within rather than the world of the ego without.

After completing a spell, ritual, or operation, we must remain open to the magic surrounding us. By regularly and systematically relaxing our minds and bodies, we open ourselves up to a different realm, often drowned out by the outer world's noise.

The voice that pulls us out of the magical realm and into the mundane is part of our mind that wants to keep us stuck and separate, creating an internal war between magic and the mundane.

Magic, as defined here, is the science of the Magi, tracing back to the wise people of the Near East. Despite the vilification of magical workers throughout history, the ancient way of the magus is a path of wisdom and unity, a way to connect to Spirit and to see beyond the physical world.

Magic is a path that can alter our experiences of the mundane world, but more importantly, it's a way of living and experiencing the world of Spirit. We can find courage and vigilance to stay true to our journey of wisdom and unity by staying focused on the magical world of peace within us.

Magic Through the Ages

Throughout different eras, the Craft has taken on various forms. During the Arian age, for instance, the Hebrew faith probably embodied the Craft, while in the Taurean age, it was the Egyptian faith, and during the Gemini era, the Druids were prevalent.

Regardless of the era, those practicing magic are often destroyed or oppressed by those in power and occasionally subjected to severe punishments such as being burned at the stake.

We can look at this on a smaller scale and ask ourselves if we are at odds with the inner magus. Are we burning ourselves at the stake or embracing Spirit? Are we allowing the magic to be the truth reflected in the mundane, or are we imprisoned by the mundane world?

We must be mindful of which voice we listen to – the voice for peace from within or the voice of separation and fear that focuses on the outer world. The science of the Magi teaches us to focus on the inner world and let it guide the external world rather than working from the outside, leading to tension and turmoil.

Wars and conflicts arise when we believe in the illusions of the outer world and fail to understand the inner magical planes of creation.

Unlocking the Age of Aquarius: Embracing Knowledge

Unique challenges continue to arise as we transition from a belief-based society (Pisces) to one based on knowledge (Aquarius), and old belief systems must be discarded. But change is necessary for growth, and we must embrace it.

As we move into the new era where knowledge is valued over belief, we must adapt and change our ways. The transition may be difficult, but achieving this growth and understanding is necessary. Nowadays, in the Aquarian age, technology has a significant impact, and digital gatherings of magi are becoming more common. Despite the era, magi are a peaceful people. The Magi immerse themselves in relaxation, diving into the magical realm rather than focusing on mundane external concerns.

The Internal vs. External Tensions of Christianity: A Magical Perspective

Concerning Christianity, the external tenets are often highlighted, while the internal, magical aspects are ignored. This is due to the de-imagination and externalization of the faith, which has utterly destroyed its magical elements. There has been a focused effort to de-legitimize the magical components of Christianity, resulting in the imprisonment, ex-communication, and even murder of those who practice magic.

However, the Bible acknowledges the importance of magic through the story of the Magi. These Craft practitioners were astrologers who used their magic to locate the baby, Jesus, providing him with the resources necessary for his future. They recognized the ushering in of a new age and ensured the Craft had the support it needed to thrive.

Whether or not you believe in Christianity, it's essential to recognize the magical elements that exist within it. The Magi serve as a reminder that magic can be found in unexpected places and that it's up to individuals to recognize and cultivate it.

The War Between the Magical and the Mundane

The gospels were rewritten and highly edited by people who sought to establish orthodoxy, which contradicted the teachings of the character Jesus. While the actual existence of Jesus remains a topic of debate, the teachings attributed to him were not conducive to dogma or orthodoxy.

This contradiction between the external and the magical, the tense and the relaxed, is a reflection of war within ourselves. The voice that leads us into the magical realm is still and small, wherein all things are made possible and where we have power over the physical. In contrast, the ego's voice takes us out of the magical, into a world of fear and separation, and is at war with the magical.

To access the magical realm, we must remain vigilant for peace, for as soon as that peace is gone, we find ourselves outside the magical realm and back in the mundane.

We must learn to calm our minds and reestablish our foothold in the magical world, even without magical tools. We do this by finding the still, small voice that guides us into and through the magical territories.

Becoming adept requires training the mind to stay peaceful, no matter what seems to be happening around us. This way, we remain on the path of the magical rather than diverting ourselves and finding ourselves in a world of fear.

We cannot experience love and fear simultaneously. By recognizing the tension we encounter, we can determine which voice we are listening to and which realm we are walking in.

Remember that by learning to listen to Spirit's guidance rather than the voice of the ego, you can embrace the life of magical possibilities that you have been blessed with. I invite you to join me on this journey and learn more about this in my video, "How to Walk The Path of Magic." Here you'll find some powerful tools that will give you the courage to stay on the path of magic, no matter what life throws your way. With Spirit's voice as your guide, anything is possible!

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