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Your Special Wand of Power

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

You possess a Special Wand of Power. You can wave your Special Wand of Power over any circumstance and watch it change.

What is this Special Wand of Power? It is your ability to choose. Your thoughts are the magic that creates your experiences in the world. You can choose your thoughts.

You may think you don’t have a choice over what you think; perhaps that's because you are used to just going along with whatever thoughts that happen to present themselves to you at any given moment.

Instead of entertaining any thoughts that randomly occur to you, you can instead wave your Special Wand of Power and make a choice.

You can choose to think any thought you desire. These new thoughts that you choose whenever you wave your Wand, can then get busy changing circumstances that reflect themselves. This is so much better than just putting up with the experiences that are reflecting the thoughts you have been thinking by rote for so long.

You can prove this for yourself. The next time you notice yourself getting upset for any reason, say to yourself, “I have a Special Wand of Power that I can wave over this situation.” Then substitute any thought you desire to think in place of the thought which is causing you upset. Choose your thoughts wisely. For instance, If you are having an argument with someone and your habitual thought is, "She's so stupid. She has no idea what she's talking about." You can silently say to yourself, "I have a Special Wand of Power that I can wave over this situation." Then chose a thought that will bring you peace in the moment. You might think, "I forgive her and I sincerely wish her all the blessings of life." Once you wave your wand, take stock. How have things changed? How is the energy different? Perhaps you need to wave your wand more. Perhaps once feels like it's enough for now.

If this seems like a very unique way of dealing with undesirable situations in your life than you are used to, you may need to commit yourself to waving your Special Wand of Power again and again until the magic “takes.”

This kind of magic grows through use, like a muscle.

Wave your Special Wand of Power over every situation that causes you distress today and notice the ways these situations melt like ice cubes in the sun.

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