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The Magical Powers of the Psalms
A Witch's Psalter

A Witch's Psalter

The Powers of Psalm 

To diminish strength of an enemy, for protection from harm from others, to turn away from bad company; to stop gossip. For success in business

The Powers of Psalm 

To destroy one’s enemies; to relieve tension; to eliminate neck and backache; for protection during travel; to eliminate conspiracies.

The Powers of Psalm 

To conquer fears; to relieve stress and tension; to relieve headache and backache.

The Powers of Psalm 

To cure insomnia; for justice in legal matters; for luck; for a good night's sleep.

The Powers of Psalm 

For any special needs or spiritual favors; go promote spiritual growth; for help dealing with authority figures; for help with the law; for help in passing examinations; for help in business.

The Powers of Psalm 

To bring relief when in distress, For good health, for compassion (to or from others); for healing eyesight; for healing difficult illness.

The Powers of Psalm 

To break a hex, to be vindicated when falsely accused, Insure a just verdict in court, overcome any crossed condition; to stop conspiricies;

The Powers of Psalm 

For new customers, to improve self esteem, for help in business; for good will.

The Powers of Psalm 

To overcome all evil, To reduce the power of any enemy, for help in court cases;

The Powers of Psalm 

For perseverance; remove negative influences; for self confidence; to purify the aura.

The Powers of Psalm 

For triumph over any adversity; to overcome fear; to reverse evil; to drive away demons.

The Powers of Psalm 

Overcome gossip, alleviate anxiety; to protect from oppression; for general protection; to avoid being abandoned.

Discover 150 ancient Hebrew prayers in the Book of Psalms, which many magical traditions consider a spell book.


This online Psalter provides a few traditional magical uses for each Psalm. However, remember that each psalm can be used for numerous purposes that may not be listed.


Click on any psalm below to access the full text of the Authorized King James Version and any associated angels, traditional uses, and a video explaining the psalm.


We hope this resource on the magical powers of the Psalms will be helpful to you, and we encourage you to visit us often.


For detailed information on how to use these psalms for magical purposes, download a free copy of the booklet, How to Work Psalm Magic.


If you're interested in exploring ancient texts and using them for magical purposes, our online guide to Psalm Magic can be a valuable resource for you. Here are some highlights of what you can expect to find:


  • A comprehensive guide to the 150 prayers found in the Book of Psalms, which have been used for centuries in many magical traditions.

  • Each Psalm is accompanied by a few traditional magical uses, but remember that the possibilities are endless.

  • The full text of the Authorized King James Version is available for each Psalm, along with any associated angels and a video explaining the Psalm.

  • For more detailed information on how to use the Psalms for magical purposes, you can download a free copy of our booklet, How to Work Psalm Magic.

  • We hope that this resource will be helpful to you, and we invite you to visit us often and explore the magical powers of the Psalms.


Remember that this is just a starting point; you can use your creativity and intuition to discover new ways to work with these powerful texts.


Blessed be.

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