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Working the Psalms of Gold and The Psalms of Ascension

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

You may already know about the Psalmic Initiatory Path if you have read my free booklet, How To Work Psalm Magic.

To summarize how the Psalmic Initiatory Path works, you take the book of Psalms and work the Psalm Formula on each of the 150 Psalms. When you finish all 150 of those Psalms, you have achieved your first degree in the Psalmic Tradition.

Each time you complete the book of Psalms, you achieve another degree of initiation. You can listen to my lecture on this topic for more information.

With Psalm Magic, we go for practical results. We can work magic to solve many problems regarding finances, relationships, health, protection, revenge, forgiveness, grief, and regret. You can even deal with matters like hauntings, possessions, curses, and more. The following two psalm collections are of special interest to those who walk the Psalmic Initiatory Path. Still, they can be successfully worked as stand-alone magical operations even if you aren't interested in the Initiatory Path.

The Golden Psalms

There are six Psalms in this collection: Psalm 16, Psalm 56, Psalm 57, Psalm 58, Psalm 59, and Psalm 60

Psalm magicians consider the Golden Psalms to be Psalms of alchemy. If you have ever studied alchemy, you know how challenging it can be. The Alchemist must take a base substance and transform it into pure gold.

Authentic alchemists have always understood that the goal of their Great Work was ultimately a matter of taking base-level humanity and turning it into spiritual gold.

All alchemists perform their operations using some process of distillation and redemption.

Each one of us is a perfect being of spiritual gold. We forgot who we were and started thinking thoughts outside of the idea of perfection. All thought creates form. If we think thoughts that are not based on truth, we create conditions that are not spiritual gold.

To return to our gold, we have to purify everything that is not of it from our minds. That's what Alchemy is, redeeming our spiritual gold.

The Golden Psalms are a means by which we can work this alchemy.

Work the Golden Psalms for practical things. Name the problem you need to solve and say, "I've got gold hidden within all this debris. I am going to distill this situation and redeem my gold." Then work the Golden Psalms on the situation.

Working the Golden Psalms is very simple. You take six days and work the Psalmic Formula on each of the six psalms, one per day, in this order: Psalms 16, 56, 57, 58, 59, and 60.

When you have completed this six-day process, reassess your feelings about the situation at hand. If you have a sense of peace and certainty about it, then congratulate yourself and stop working on that matter.

If not, do as many six-day rounds as you need to be at peace with the situation. This feeling of peace lets you know that a perfect manifestation is forthcoming.

The Ascension Psalms

The other psalm group that's very important in the path of initiation is a fifteen-psalm set commonly called The Psalms of Ascent Or The Psalms of Degrees.

For Psalm magicians, this is a collection of Psalms of initiation known as the Ascension Psalms.

The Ascension Psalms speak to the idea of a sacred pilgrimage. In magic, pilgrimage means initiation. An initiation is a journey that we take to meet and become one with our Self. Within this Self is a vast source of hidden knowledge and wisdom, all of which were put there at our creation and remain there for our use once we redeem them.

The Ascension Psalms are all relatively brief, some being extremely short.

They all are hopeful, and many are highly joyous and happy. Working the Ascension Psalms is a method by which we can raise our vibrations anytime we need to be lifted.

Work the Psalm Formula on each Psalm in the group, in order, starting with Psalm 120 and ending with Psalm 134. You may work one Psalm per day or up to three psalms per day to complete one round.

Simply work the Psalm Formula on each Psalm in the group, in order, starting with Psalm 120 and ending with Psalm 134. You may work one Psalm per day or up to three psalms per day to complete one round.

Once you have completed one round of these fifteen psalms, reassess the condition. If you feel at peace with the situation, you can stop working. If not, do as many rounds as you need to find peace. This sense of peace tells you that a manifestation is imminent.

The Ascension Psalms are all about raising and lifting. Ask yourself what needs to be raised, what needs to be lifted, and what needs ascent. Then bring whatever that is to the Ascension Psalms.

I hope when you work magic with these two Psalm collections that, you see extraordinary results. Like so many others, I hope you find that you are working your magic on a significantly more profound level and with better results than before.

Thank you so much for reading. P.S. You can find links to Psalm videos to each of these collections here.

Until next time, blessed be.

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Jan 10, 2023



Wow Ariel, that looks as amazing knowledge! Where can I get the psalm book? Do you have one for sale, and if so, where can I find it.

I wish I find time to work through each of your magical lessons. One day, definetely

Please, check my website: Porcupine's wisdom – The path of a modern shaman (

what do you think? And do you think I am too ambitious to offer Tarot readings in my services?

Replying to

found the psalm book in your shop:)


hii,i am really appreciate for your greate works. i wonder if may l work psalms with my native language?

Ariel Gatoga
Ariel Gatoga
Dec 21, 2022
Replying to

Yes, you may use your native language! Blessed be.

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