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A Spell for Business Success

Jumpstart your earning potential with magic!

This spell is a must if you have your own business, or are thinking of starting a business!

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Items needed

3 whole nutmegs

4" square of yellow paper

Pen with purple or black ink

1 yellow candle and holder

Lavender perfume

Vegetable oil with pinch of sea salt mixed in (anointing oil)

Sea Salt

8" square of yellow fabric

Purple ribbon

1. Make a square of Mercury using the pen and paper. We have all the planetary squares on our Facebook Group to download!

2. Convert your name, or the name of your business into numbers using a 9-based system as shown in the video demonstration below.

3. Mark a small circle beside the number on your square which corresponds to the first letter in the name. Draw a straight line from that circle to the number corresponding with the second letter of the name. Continue to draw connecting lines until you get to the last letter of the name. End it with a small line as shown.


5. Gather the ends of the fabric around the contents and tie it up with the ribbon making a small charm bag for business success.

6. Anoint the candle with the anointing oil from the center of the candle to the wick and then from the center of the candle to the base. Place the candle in its holder. Place the candle on the tray.

7. Place the charm bag on the tray near the candle and encircle them both in a ring of salt.

8. Spray three sprays of lavender perfume over the bag, the candle and the salt. (alternatively you may blend in some lavender essential oil when you make your anointing oil and skip this step).


9. Light the candle and sit and visualize your desire for about 5 minutes; extinguish the candle. Move the tray out of sight until the following day.

10. The next day, relight the candle and visualize again for five minutes. Do this a total of 8 nights and then let the candle burn down and out by itself (never leave a burning candle unattended).

11. Hide the charm somewhere in the place you do business. Re-anoint the bag and every new moon (preferably the first Wednesday after the new moon).


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3 commentaires

13 déc. 2021

I am reluctant to ask this question for fear of sounding stupid, but does the candle HAVE to be a real burning candle, or can electric (battery-operated) candles work?


Jeania Bigbie
Jeania Bigbie
02 sept. 2021

I'm sorry you lost me when you started adding numbers to the grid..Is there a sequence I need to follow ? Because I truly would love to do this spell for my small Greenhouse that I work in and sell my plants when I can. I'm Disabled and my greenhouse is my Monthly income.. so please help me understand making the grid..Tysm Blessed Be 🌹

Ariel Gatoga
Ariel Gatoga
03 sept. 2021
En réponse à

Yes. If you look at step #1 above, it gives a link to get the Square of Mercury in our Facebook Group. Blessed be!

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