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All Magic Has A Price

All magic has a price. Nothing comes from nothing. In the realm of spirit, giving and receiving are one; however, in this world, giving must always precede receiving.

When you have a desire, ask your inner guidance, “what can I give that will hasten the realization of this desire?” Then listen and wait to receive your answer. It may come in a flash, or you may get the answer later. Stay aware as you go about your day, and the answer will come.

When you give, do so with joy and gratitude. Begrudging giving is not giving at all, it is sacrificing. If the price of your magic is painful, then you are trying to accomplish something that is not good for you.

It's important to stop trying to get something for nothing. Remind yourself frequently that everything has a price.

This is wonderful news! Since everything has a price, we can have whatever we desire, as long as we are truly willing to pay that price.

We always pay the price for that which will harm us through sacrifice and pain; however, the price for that which is good for us, we always pay through joy and gratitude. If you listen to the still, small voice within you, it will guide you to what and where to give. Sometimes it may inspire you to give money or tithes. Sometimes it might guide you to give items of clothing. Other times, it may show you to give grace and forgiveness. So often I will hear people say things like, "As soon as my spell manifests, I'm going to give," yet that is completely backwards. If you want to receive your good, you must make the first move. The power of achievement is completely in your hands. All magic has its price, so pay the price with joy, love, and gratitude, and watch as things manifest in the most perfect ways for you.

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