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Invoking The Circle Of Angels

Four Archangels Around a Solar Disc

Introduction to the Circle of Angels

The ancient practice of calling angels assigned to the four directions is found in various cultures and spiritual beliefs. These celestial beings are seen as guides and protectors, providing aid and comfort to individuals on their life journey. Invoking these directional angels in rituals and ceremonies is a practice to seek divine blessings, protection, and guidance. Although the symbolic meanings of these angels may vary among traditions, the core idea of benevolent spiritual entities tied to the cardinal points persists in various spiritual and magical customs.

In a traditional Jewish prayer called the "Kriat Shma," individuals invoke the archangels of the four cardinal directions for protection and guidance before bed. The prayer goes: "To my right, I call upon Michael; to my left, Gabriel; in front of me, Uriel; behind me, Raphael; and above me, the Shekhinah." This beautiful prayer is not limited to bedtime; it can be recited anytime.

A Relief of Four Archangels

Golden Dawn's Angelic Correspondences

The most widely recognized system of angelic correspondences originates from the Golden Dawn tradition:

East: Air (Raphael)

South: Fire (Michael)

West: Water (Gabriel)

North: Earth (Auriel)

These associations likely evolved from the work of John Dee, expanded upon by members of the Golden Dawn. Initially, Dee linked four angels to the elements. Later, Gerald Gardner incorporated Golden Dawn principles into Wicca, spreading this system into various neopagan cosmologies we see today.

The Golden Dawn likely used a solar or geographic model to create these elemental connections. In the northern hemisphere, the Sun at its peak symbolizes fire, while dawn and dusk bring air and water with their breeziness and coolness, respectively. Nights represent Earth with their darkness and chill. From a European view, the south is hot and arid (Fire), the north is cold and desolate (Earth), the Atlantic Ocean lies west (Water), and fertile lands are east (Air). However, this system isn't universal, especially in the southern hemisphere, where Fire and Earth roles are often switched. This flexibility has led to various interpretations.

The angelic elemental rulers remain consistent across both the Golden Dawn and Agrippa systems, among other correspondences. While the Golden Dawn approach is popular in contemporary ceremonial and neopagan magic, some practitioners prefer the traditional Agrippan attributions.

Differences in correspondences among traditions are acceptable. Each tradition offers unique perspectives on the universe and its interpretation. Following the rules of a specific system ensures harmony in practice. Conversely, switching between systems without considering their unique correspondences can introduce confusion or disharmony into your practice.

Agrippa's Elemental Angels

Numerous ceremonial magicians have invoked angels representing the four cardinal directions. For instance, in Cornelius Agrippa’s system (Book II, Chapter 7), these angels are identified as follows:

East – Fire (Michael)

South – Earth (Auriel)

West – Air (Raphael)

North – Water (Gabriel)

the world card from the tarot

Agrippa's logic becomes evident when examining a horoscope. Imagine the Sun rising at dawn on the spring equinox (0 Aries), marking the start of the astrological year. Aries rises in the east, Libra sets in the west, Capricorn occupies the midheaven, and Cancer holds the nadir. Aries signifies Fire, Libra represents Air, Capricorn embodies Earth, and Cancer symbolizes Water. The warm elements (Fire and Air) align along the East-West axis, while the cool elements (Water and Earth) align along the North-South axis. While this rationale seems plausible, it’s not traditionally offered as an official explanation.

The elemental sequence in the Zodiac proceeds as fire, earth, air, and water (Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer...). Moving clockwise from the East, the elements unfold in this order: fire, earth, air, and water.

In Revelation 4:7, the four cherubim are described as a "lion, calf, man, and eagle," symbolizing fire, earth, air, and water. This concept offers ample reflection and resonates deeply.

In the World Card of the Tarot, the Circle of Angels features an angel, a lion, an eagle, and a bull. These figures symbolize the fixed signs of the zodiac: Aquarius (the angel), Leo (the lion), Scorpio (the eagle), and Taurus (the bull).

four archangels in flight holding hands

The Pauline Arts Attributions

My practice is of the Pauline arts tradition. In this system angels govern each zodiacal sign as follows:

Michael: Leo

Gabriel: Cancer

Samael: Aries and Scorpio

Raphael: Gemini and Virgo

Sachiel: Sagittarius and Pisces

Cassiel: Capricorn

Uriel: Aquarius

It's important to acknowledge the dual rulerships: Samael, Raphael, and Sachiel each govern two zodiac signs. Historically, Cassiel also held dual rulership over Capricorn and Aquarius. However, in my tradition, Uriel is now commonly regarded as the ruler of Aquarius.

The Archangels of the fixed zodiac signs govern the four elements and directions, forming the Pauline Circle of Angels:

East – Air (Uriel)

South – Fire (Michael)

West – Water (Samael)

North – Earth (Anael)

The Circle of Angels can be incorporated into daily practice. Beyond its use prior to performing magical work, invoking the Circle twice daily offers a transformative spiritual routine. It's quick to perform and brings the protection and guidance of angels into your daily life. You can call upon the Circle whenever you feel scared, anxious, uncertain, or wish to bring about an atmosphere of sanctity.

four archangels of the four elements

Practical Rituals for Invoking Angels

In this section, I've outlined several methods for invoking the Circle of Angels, all rooted in the Pauline Arts. Of course, you are welcome to use systems from the Golden Dawn, Agrippa, or other traditions. You only need to stand and invoke, but you can enhance the experience with incense, candles, or any other ritual items you choose. If you have a disability and can't stand to invoke you may remain seated.

When performing any of the following invocations, please follow these steps:

  1. Take a few moments to breathe deeply and find silence.

  2. Face East, standing with your arms open and palms up.

  3. Recite the invocations, either aloud or silently, as suits your situation.

Four Archangels holding hands

Pauline Arts Circle of Angels

In this ritual, we recite verses 11 and 12 of Psalm 91 just before invoking the angels of each quarter. If you prefer not to use Psalms, you can skip to the angel invocation directly.

“For He shall give His angels charge over me, to keep me in all my ways. They shall bear me up in their hands, lest I dash my foot against a stone.

I call upon Angel Uriel, who stands before me.

I call upon Angel Michael, who stands to my right.

I call upon Samael, who stands behind me.

I call upon Angel Anael, who stands to my left.

I call upon Shekina, who is above me, and Sandalphon, who is below me.

Archangels, may your presence bring me safety, guidance, wisdom, and harmony as I journey forward. Blessed be."

four archangel colored the colors of the elements

The Cherubic Method

You can summon the circle of angels without specifying individual names by invoking the Cherubs of each direction as follows:

“I call the Cherub of the East who stands before me, the Cherub of the South who stands to my right, the Cherub of the West who stands behind me, and the Cherub of the North who stands to my left. Shekinah is above and below me."

Keep in mind that "Cherub" is pronounced "KEHRUB," which rhymes with "Scarab."

The Totem Method

You can call the circle of angels by calling on the angels as their totems thusly:

"The Angel of the East is before me, The Lion of the South is to my Right, The Eagle of the West is behind me, and the Great Bull of the North is on my left. The Sky is above me, and the Earth is below."

Four Archangels dancing in the sky


In conclusion, invoking the Circle of Angels holds profound significance across various traditions and practices. This sacred ritual offers guidance, protection, and wisdom to those who partake. Whether you follow the Pauline system, the Golden Dawn system, Agrippa's attributions, or another tradition, the presence of these angelic beings can bring protection, comfort, guidance, and empowerment into your daily life.

By invoking the Circle of Angels, you can connect with the divine energies around you, fostering a sense of harmony and spiritual connection. Remember, the angels are always ready to lend their support whenever called upon, guiding us on our journeys with their celestial light.

May the blessings of the Angels illuminate your path and bring peace to your heart.

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Ms Zee
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I want to say Thank you for all of your lessons. They bring me so much understanding and peace. This one is especially wonderful. In the last year Uriel has revealed himself to me. And a friend of mine…a skeptic.. actually saw him at my driveway entrance. He waved at her. Lol. He is my friend and I love him. Ps I’m an Aquarian. So I loved the connection. More confirmation ❤️

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Thanks for this I have often performed both the LBRP and LIRP and did it traditionally but since Samael is my primary birth angel as he rules both my moon and sun sign I always wondered how I could incorporate rate him so the Pauline Arts Circle of Angels resonates with me plus I love Psalms and Psalm magic so it’s perfect.

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