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"I Am Safe"

Imagine a small child terrified of the shadows on their wall projected by trees in the wind. They believe these shadows are evil monsters, and this child believes these monsters will imminently attack them.

Most compassionate adults would show the child that their terrors are unfounded. They would show them they are simply shadows and that no monsters are present. They would assure the child that they are entirely safe.

Spirit has even more compassion for you than you might have for the child in our example.

Spirit understands that what you are afraid of is not there, but It also understands how authentic everything seems to you.

Spirit is capable and willing to show you the truth and gently guide you into seeing that there is nothing to fear.

Spirit will be very specific if you let it. If you listen, you will be guided.

Take time today to try this experiment: bring one of your fears into a small period of silence today. Ask that Spirit show you the truth about the situation.

Learn to stop telling Spirit what is happening and listen to Spirit tell YOU what is happening.

The skill of silencing our minds and listening to the gentle guide within us gives us all power over our fears.

It can be challenging to stop telling Spirit what is happening and instead listen, but if you want to know the truth about these monsters, you must be willing to give up your insistence that you already know what they are and instead be shown another way to see them.

Remind yourself throughout the day, “I am safe and protected by Spirit. All is well with every aspect of my body, mind, and affairs.”

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10 de jan. de 2023



"Learn to stop telling Spirit what is happening and listen to Spirit tell YOU what is happening. "...this is exaclty what I need help with ,and I been shown this over the last couple weeks. This popped out at me at the right time, thank you and Blessed Be 💜.

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