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Harnessing the Power of Divine Law: Invoking the Archangel Cassiel

Exploring the Powers of the Teaching Angels -

Part 5: Cassiel, the Angel of Saturn and Law

Archangel Cassiel
My free Basic Angel Magic Course teaches about eight teaching angels, powerful beings dedicated to helping you unlock your inner power and discover your true Will. Each angel represents a planetary body with unique powers to aid those seeking guidance. In this series, we explore all eight teaching angels.

Living in Harmony with the Universe: Understanding Divine Law

Comprehending the idea of Divine Law is essential to living in sync with the universe. Cassiel, the angel of Divine Law, oversees the regulations determining the universe's conduct. Saturn, the planet governed by Cassiel, embodies the structure and organization of this Law. Binah, also known as "Understanding," is the third sphere on the Hermetic Tree of Life associated with Cassiel, and Saturn symbolizes the divine mother.

Cassiel, as the archangel of the Law, represents the unchanging principles of the universe that govern all. Fundamental natural laws exemplify this concept, such as matter expanding when heated and the sum of angles in any triangle always equaling 180°. The Law applies to any circumstance, regardless of location, ownership, or purpose. The Law has remained true for billions of years and will continue for billions more. Just as Cassiel represents the concept of the Law, these fundamental principles are unchanging and are in effect throughout all existence.

Understanding The Law: the Role of Archangel Cassiel

The Hermetic Tree of Life features ten different spheres, with the third sphere embodying the essence of the great Mother, who reveals the never-changing Divine Law that governs all things. The fourth sphere, Mercy, is ruled by Jupiter and represents the judgment of the Law, while the fifth sphere, Strength, is ruled by Mars and encompasses the Law's execution. All spheres work together to ensure the universe operates within its fundamental laws, highlighting the interconnectedness and interdependence of all cosmic elements.

In many magical practices, divine names hold great significance. Each magic system may have unique divine names, sometimes chanted, spoken aloud, or recited silently. The Hebrew God names are used in the Angelic Silence technique I teach. These holy names possess immense power and can unlock the universe's full potential for us. Thus, in the third Qabalistic Sphere, we can consider "Law" as a proper noun and a divine name in its own right. You can align yourself with it by closing your eyes and repeating the name "LAW" silently for a few minutes while relaxing your mind and body. Observe how you feel after just a minute of this practice.

Cassiel teaches us that the Law is a gift to us and is there for our protection, happiness, and joy. The Law is not punitive but makes life happen and governs the behavior of all things. Going against the Law may seem punitive, but it is simply the natural consequence of our actions. The Law is always present, guiding us toward harmony and balance in the universe. Invoking the archangel Cassiel to teach us the Law can help us live harmoniously with the universe.

Understanding the Power of the Law: Invoking the Archangel Cassiel

The Law is not there to benefit specific people. The Law is for all, without exception. We must tune ourselves into synchrony with the Law, just like tuning a radio to the exact frequency of a radio station. Detuning ourselves from the Law leads to problems and difficulties. We cannot expect The Infinite to change the Law to suit us. The Law is the great equalizer necessary for the world to function.

For effective magical practice, aligning ourselves with the Law and its precise frequency is crucial. The Science of the Magi teaches us to attune ourselves to the Law instead of attempting to change it or request exceptions. When casting spells or performing magic, we tune ourselves to where the Law is broadcast to fulfill our desires. The Law brings us happiness, success, peace, joy, and freedom. Understanding this helps us navigate the spiritual realm and harness the universe's powers. Cassiel's teachings remind us that the Law is constant, vital, and exists for our protection and happiness.

Archangel Cassiel teaches us about the power of the Law. According to Cassiel, the Law is a gift we can use daily to achieve our goals and meet our needs. If we struggle to align ourselves with the Law, it might be because we haven't taken the time to examine our true desires. Doing so allows us to live in harmony with the universe and experience greater happiness and fulfillment. Cassiel reminds us that the laws of the universe are there to guide and protect us and that we all have righteous desires that are meant to be fulfilled. By tuning into the Law, we can manifest our objectives and achieve our heart's desires.


The Power of Aligning with the Law

It is essential to differentiate between passing lusts or neurotic cravings and righteous desires of our hearts. Pursuing passions not part of the Divine Design will not bring us happiness or fulfillment. Employing magic to achieve these desires will always go against the Law.

On the other hand, say we desire to start a business or follow a passion that brings joy to ourselves and others, it is fulfilling the Law to achieve that objective. By aligning ourselves with the Law, we can get our true desires to fruition and experience greater happiness and fulfillment. Cassiel's association with the Law and Binah reminds us to stay true to our heart's desires and work in harmony with the Law to achieve our objectives.

Cassiel, the archangel of the Law, teaches us an important lesson - when our spells fail, we should take a moment to re-evaluate our desires rather than assuming that there's something wrong with us or our magic. We should look to the Law and seek its presence, aligning ourselves with it to allow it to guide us toward achieving our desired outcome.

Sometimes, we must modify our approach to attain the objectives that align with our deepest desires. It is crucial to discern whether our objectives truly reflect our innermost desires or are driven by our ego-based cravings. It may indicate that we are on the wrong path or frequency if we are not achieving progress. We can achieve success by tuning in to the precise frequency of the Law and working in unison with the universe.

If we call upon Cassiel for help, we can receive guidance and support from the Law. This will allow us to align our goals and efforts with our highest aspirations. The Law is designed to protect and guide us toward the best possible outcomes, so we must be clear about what we want to achieve. We should strive for things that align with the Law to realize our desires. We can achieve great success and fulfillment by following our heart's desires and aligning ourselves with the Law. If you require assistance, it may be beneficial to seek guidance from Cassiel with a humble and open heart.

The Law as a Universal Force: Aligning for Success and Fulfillment

The Law is a universal force that functions with unwavering consistency. Its influence knows no bounds and remains unaffected by anyone's beliefs or personal circumstances. If we experience success and abundance in life, it indicates that we are in tune with the Law. However, encountering obstacles or challenges might suggest we are not in harmony with its principles.

We want to make it clear that we do not suggest that difficulties, misfortunes, or sadness you may experience in life are always a result of your personal shortcomings. There are times when we face challenges that seem to have no explanation. However, we hold that everything happens under Law, and the truth behind it all will be revealed eventually.

As humans, we are bound by the Law individually and collectively. When we see issues arising in society, the environment, or politics, it signals that we have strayed from the Law. By personally practicing and invoking the Law, we can sympathetically inspire others to do the same, causing a ripple effect. Only a few individuals need to realign with the Law to spark a wave of Divine Consciousness within our species, leading to miracles and a brighter future for ourselves and future generations.

It must be understood that the Law is to be neither feared nor opposed. Rather, it is a valuable compass showing us where our success lies. Adhering to Divine Law can lead to a life full of wonder. When we align ourselves with the Law, we open ourselves up to greater happiness, success, and fulfillment.

Incorporating the Law into our lives can have a profound impact. Similar to the law of gravity that applies universally regardless of status or beliefs, the principles of the Law apply equally to everyone. Whether our goal is happiness, success, or abundance, we can all benefit from aligning ourselves with the Law and its universal principles.

The Power of the Law and How to Connect with It

It is of utmost importance to recognize and appreciate the fact that the Law is applicable to everyone, without any exceptions or exemptions. This crucial aspect of our existence is akin to the air we breathe, in that it is a fundamental part of our lives and is accessible to all individuals, irrespective of their personal beliefs or identities.

The law of Cause and Effect is the first and fundamental principle of the Law. It helps us understand that our thoughts, actions, and intentions have consequences that affect our lives and the world around us. By striving to align our thoughts and activities with the Law, we can tap into its power and create positive change in our lives and the world.

The Law corresponds with Saturn and is attributed to Binah (Understanding), the third sphere of the Tree of Life. Binah is commonly known as the great mother and is the place where the Law is revealed. Cassiel, the messenger of the Law, guarantees that all things follow their predetermined course, regardless of any obstacles. Binah embodies the divine feminine principle of creation and the timeless Law. She is the guiding power that preserves balance and order in the cosmos.

By meditating on the Law and invoking the archangel Cassiel, we can connect with the power of the Law and align ourselves with its principles. We can learn to trust in it and have faith that everything is unfolding perfectly, even at times we don't understand how or why.


The Power of Aligning with the Law's Principles

As stated previously, just like the law of gravity or heat, the Law is not punitive nor judgmental but a supportive force to help us and bring good into our lives. When we experience challenges or difficulties, it's often due to our mishandling or misappropriation of Law.

In interpersonal relationships, for example, conflicts may arise when people are out of harmony with the Law. By recognizing this fact and working to align ourselves with its principles, we can create greater happiness, peace, and balance in our lives and relationships.

It's crucial to remember that simply invoking Cassiel and relying on the Law isn't sufficient. We must also be open to transforming ourselves and our actions to align with its principles as they are revealed. This way, we fully harness the Law's power and attain maximum benefits in our daily existence.

Contemplating the Law and Saturn's Quality: A Reminder of Patience

When we contemplate the Law as the quality of the third sphere, Saturn, we are reminded that Saturn is a slow-moving planet. This means that the Law sometimes can appear to operate slowly and not always move at our desired pace.

Infinite intelligence ensures that we have the most peaceful transition toward our happiness. Therefore, when invoking the Law, we must cultivate trust that things are working out for our highest good. We must also recognize that our only job is refining and tuning our inner guidance system to hear it clearly and take things one step at a time.

In conclusion, embracing the pace of the Law and staying aligned with it can lead to a more fulfilling and sustainable journey. Trusting in the Law's unfolding and taking things one step at a time while invoking Cassiel and aligning with Divine Law can bring profound peace and faith that everything is working for our greater good. Living in harmony with the Law is a powerful tool in magical practice. May you find the courage and trust to embrace the Law and reap all the eternal benefits along the journey.

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