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Kindness as Medicine

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Medicine in the modern age has come to be thought of as chemical compounds or substances which combat, reverse, cure, or control symptoms of disease within the body of humans, animals, or plants. A more ancient way of thinking of medicine is spiritual forces which bring about balance which can establish and maintain health in all areas of life. From that point of view medicine is not necessarily a chemical, but often a way of life, a series of practices or an all-encompassing though-form. In the Craft, we teach that the causative principle exists within the world of the invisible, or the mind and that all effects occur within the realm of the manifest or the physical. To look to the manifest world to bring about a healing change provides only temporary relief at best.


Often it is stated that love is the true panacea. This is probably true; however, occult law holds that all life is made out of the substance of love, therefore love can never truly be lacking in any situation since it is omnipresent. What can be lacking is the expression of love. The expression of love is kindness. Kindness is the ancient panacea. Kindness can truly cure whatever ails us, according to the ancients. However, knowing this and actually applying it are two very different things. A tool is only helpful if it is used (and used properly and efficiently). I spoke on a recent livestream about this topic. I give several different ways of approaching this great medicine. I hope you can take some time and listen to the talk and start putting it use. It really does work! The recording of that talk is below. I hope you enjoy it!

Blessed be!

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