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Micro Magic Can Turn Things Around

I remember an old saying, "Yard by yard is hard, but Inch by inch is a cinch?" I love that.

Often, I see people attempting to cast spells to cure macro problems, such as moving from abject poverty to extreme opulence, landing a job in the top position right out of the gate, moving from being single to happily marred, etc.

These big goals are essential to have, but if those who cast these spells would only then break these big goals down into manageable chunks and then cast their spells on those smaller goals, they would notice that their spells would gain a "success momentum," rather than being a source of frequent disappointment.


Many beginners give up in frustration when they start working magic because they don't understand this principle.

Micro Magic, as I call it, can turn things around immediately. Many who try this technique notice they start having magical success in more meaningful ways than ever before, and right away!

These people report that their perceived sphere of influence expands rapidly because of the constant state of success in which they are immersed.


Expand your sphere of influence rather than trying to go for goals that may be currently out of reach.

Those very large goals can be successfully, easily, and joyfully reached when approached inch-by-inch rather than yard-by-yard.

I explained this technique in more detail a few years back. Please have a listen and see what you think!


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