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Proving the Goddess for ourselves

It's not very powerful to believe in something blindly. It's best to prove for ourselves whether something is what it purports to be.

This is as true for the Goddess as it is for anything else. Rather than believe in something, we must either prove it to ourselves, or eliminate the belief all together.

Proving the Goddess for ourselves is something we can do today if we like:

Think of a pressing problem or desire. Call on the presence of the Goddess. Sit with the idea of the Holy Mother who has all power to heal and correct. She has all power to undo any problem.

Completely give your problem to her. Then sit and listen. Find the thoughts that are from Her by relaxing and noticing where the peace exists within you.

Allow yourself to follow this peace. Any time your mind wanders, gently bring it back to peace again and again. Just a few moments at a time is necessary, but repeat the process several times per day, every day. This peace is her. She exists as peace and within peace.

Allow yourself to return to her a bit each day, making sure that you give your problem to Her and sit in the midst of her peace, listening to what you receive.

Then take your life as it comes and notice the shifts in the situation each day as it begins to resolve itself in her way and in Her time.

Once you know the Goddess, you won't ever need to believe in her. You don't need to believe in something that you know!

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