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Transformation With The Solar Light

Sunset in Ireland

What is The Solar Light?

Ancient wisdom sayings about the sun vividly depict its divine nature. They describe it as a celestial entity, a radiant face through which God's presence shines. Symbolically, the sun is often portrayed as a disc of pure gold, concealing the essence of God's countenance. This profound imagery invites us to contemplate the mystery and splendor of the sun, reminding us of the awe-inspiring power and beauty beyond our comprehension.

In the wisdom of the Hermetic Qabalah, the sixth sphere on the Tree of Life symbolizes the sun. Remember that in Qabalah, the sun merely represents the Universal Life Principle. Our sun is powerful, but a symbol of even greater power, often called the Universal Sun or Life Principle.

The sixth sphere, the Sphere of the Miraculous, represents a powerful universal force that surpasses our capabilities. It allows us to achieve extraordinary feats that would otherwise be unattainable. This remarkable sphere embodies the essence of the inexplicable and grants us access to a realm where miracles become possible.

I use an incredible device called "The Solar Light" to harness the limitless power emitted by Tiphareth. This power can reorganize every aspect of our minds, bodies, and lives, aligning them seamlessly with the Divine Design.

To access the Solar Light, follow these steps:

  1. Relax your body and mind.

  2. Visualize a golden ray of sunlight flowing through the crown of your head, illuminating your spine, and feel the solar light moving throughout your nervous system.

  3. Imagine the golden Solar Light flowing through your bloodstream, reaching every cell and atom in your body.

  4. Visualize the Solar Light entering your respiratory system and permeating every aspect of your being.

  5. Feel the nourishing effect of the golden light on your body, mind, and life; witness your aura radiating with vibrant Solar Light.

  6. Sit in the presence of this power for as long as you desire.

The Solar Light brings harmony to every aspect of existence, aligning it with the Divine Design. It is crucial to express gratitude for this profound transformation. I have recorded two short audio meditations to make it easy to access the Solar Light. Each recording is equally effective, but one is slightly longer for those who prefer to take more time. You can practice with the Solar Light independently or use one of these recordings.

Solar Light Challenge

Join the exciting 14-day challenge to harness the power of the Solar Light. Run the Solar Light once daily for fourteen consecutive days. This invigorating exercise only takes a minute or two. By committing to this practice daily for two weeks, you'll experience remarkable fulfillment and inner growth. Embark on this fantastic adventure and witness the profound impact of harnessing the radiant energy of the Solar Light.

For a more advanced version of the challenge, run it four times daily instead of once per day. To achieve optimal results, do the Solar Light exercise at the following times:

1. Right after waking up.

2. Around midday.

3. Close to sunset.

4. Before going to bed at night.

Engaging in this practice offers numerous benefits that can profoundly impact your life. It enhances spiritual awareness and connection, leading to a deeper understanding of oneself and the universe. This transformative technique promotes inner peace, physical healing, personal growth, and the development of disciplined habits.

Michael is the Archangel who governs the sphere of the Sun, Tiphareth, on the Hermetic Tree of Life. As the overseer of the Solar Light, Michael brings balance and illumination to our lives in spiritual and material realms. With strength and grace, Michael guides those who seek to align themselves with the Divine Design of the universe.

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3 commentaires

04 avr.

I recently underwent a transformation with the solar light, and I can't express how rejuvenating it feels! It's amazing how much positivity and energy it brings into my life. Also, if anyone's considering undergoing abdominoplasty Dubai, I highly recommend consulting with Dr. Shahram. His credentials speak volumes, and his expertise in plastic surgery is unparalleled.


I Very much enjoy this


Brilliant! I’m working with the Solar Light and Grounding meditations daily. This challenge is perfect. Blessed Be 🌹⚜️🕊

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