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Vinegar Banishing Spell

Updated: May 30, 2021

Pour A Problem Down the Drain


Vinegar Banishing Spell

Witches have been using vinegar in magic for generations for good reason!

Cast this spell during the waning moon.


  1. A bottle of distilled white vinegar

  2. Salt

  3. A sheet of black paper

  4. White Pencil



  1. Draw an inverted pentagram on the black paper using the white pencil.

  2. Write a single word in the center of the pentagram that represents the problem.

  3. Put a line of salt over each line of the pentagram on the paper.

  4. Think intently on that which you are banishing.

  5. Remove the lid from the bottle of vinegar and carefully pour the salt from the paper into the vinegar in the bottle.

  6. Rip up the paper and throw it away.

  7. Replace the cap on the bottle. Feeling the release from this problem, vigorously shake the bottle for a few minutes.

  8. Find a drain in your home. Feeling the release from the problem, slowly pour the vinegar down the drain.

  9. Let the vinegar sit in the drain overnight (in may smell strongly of vinegar). In the morning, flush the drain well with water.

You may only banish one item per spell.



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