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What Are Love's Powers?

Some say that Love is the most magnetic and powerful force there is. But what is love?

Love is compassion Love seeks to ease all suffering and pain. Love is not only the desire to ease suffering, but it also provides the ways and means to do so. With love, we always have whatever we need in any situation to ease all pain and suffering.

Love is peace There is no tension in love. Love is the easing of all tension and burden. Wherever true Love is present, all tension, strife, worry and fear dissolve like an ice cube in the sunlight.

Love is freedom Real Love asks for nothing in return. Love brings its own rewards and demands nothing of another. Love is the peaceful awareness that every person is a star unto themselves and who has the freedom to do as they will. “Love is the Law. Love under Will,” as stated by Aleister Crowley, is very fitting here.

Love is joy Where love is present, there is infinite joy. Only joy can exist when love is present. Regardless of the situation that seems to be before us, love has only one response, and that is joy.

In reality, nothing but love exists. But, in this world of illusions and nightmares, we are busy dreaming of a world that is dark, cold, lonely, and at war. But love knows this cannot be true. When love is present, Divine Truth reveals itself, and we gently awaken from our nightmares.

Here is a meditation called Thirty Seconds of Love from Spirit that you may enjoy:

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Apr 22, 2022

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