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The Power of Ascension Psalms: A Fifteen-Day Challenge to Rise Up in Life

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Ascension Psalms Challenge

Are you stuck or unable to move forward in a particular area of your life? Feeling stagnant can be frustrating and discouraging, whether in your career, personal goals, or relationships. If you're looking for a way to tap into your inner power and rise, the fifteen-day Ascension Psalms Challenge may be just what you need.

What are Ascension Psalms?

The Ascension Psalms is a collection of fifteen psalms that can assist in uplifting oneself and achieving transcendence in any aspect of life that requires it. Each of these psalms tackles a particular aspect of Ascension, such as overcoming fear and uncertainty and uncovering inner strength and courage. By committing to one Ascension Psalm per day for fifteen days, you can channel each of these unique powers toward the area of life where you seek ascension.

How to Work The Ascension Psalms

To enhance your life, consider focusing on an area that can benefit from Ascension. This may include personal challenges, career goals, or relationships that need improvement. Work the Psalm Magic Formula on one Ascension Psalm daily. You can find all the Psalms, including instruction videos for each Psalm on my online Witch's Psalter. Start with Psalm 120 and gradually work your way through each Psalm in order, until you finish with Psalm 134 on the fifteenth day.

As you read and reflect on each Psalm, try to uncover the hidden wisdom in every verse and apply it to your life. You can even use a line from each day's Psalm as a positive mantra or affirmation to keep yourself focused on your goal. Additionally, I have an instructional video attached to each Psalm in the collection to provide further assistance.

After the fifteen days, take some time to reflect on your progress and how you feel about the situation you brought to the Psalm challenge. If you feel like you've made progress and are feeling "ascendant" about the case, you can consider the process complete. However, if you still need more work, repeat the process for another fifteen days. If you are new to Psalm Magic, consider downloading my free booklet, How To Work Psalm Magic, showing you the simple two-step Psalm Magic Formula for each Psalm when working on this challenge.

Trust the Process

It's important to remember that Psalm Magic requires patience and trust. You may need to go through multiple rounds to achieve your desired ascendence but don't lose faith. The Ascension Psalms are potent tools that can help you move upward and achieve spiritual growth in any area of your life that needs it.

In conclusion, the fifteen-day psalm challenge of Ascension can be a powerful tool to help you break through any stagnation in your life. By choosing a specific area of life to ascend in and working through each Ascension Psalm, you can gain insight and guidance and tap into your inner power to move upward. Trust the process and believe in yourself. The Ascension Psalms can help you transcend obstacles and rise to higher levels.

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