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Samael's Detox: Cleansing the Deep Mind

Celestial chalice

Is Samael the Same As Satan?

Many wonder if Samael and Satan are one and the same. The simple answer is "not exactly." In the Psalms, Satan is an office, the office of God's prosecutor, working under God's direction and not against God. When Samael is working as God's prosecutor, then and only then can Samael be considered "Satan." But Samael's role is much more vast than that of a prosecutor.

Samael's role is not one of malevolence but of healing. His name, the 'Poisoner of God,' may seem ominous, but it's a testament to his transformative power. As the archangel of Mars, Samael is the angel of war, police, surgery, and invasive medicine. His role as a 'poisoner' is not to harm, but to heal. Consider how chemotherapy, antibiotics, and emetics are poisons that can heal.

The Dregs of Samael

Enter Samael's spiritual elixir – the dregs, a remedy for the soul that zeroes in on self-destructive thoughts. As referenced in Psalm 75, the blend of red wine with bitter herbs (dregs) purifies our inner selves, aiding in the release of negative emotions and thoughts that hinder our spiritual development. In the Temperance card, the angel depicted mixing this potion could be likened to Samael preparing this medicine for you.

Samael's mission is one of healing, not harm. He presents bitter herbs not to poison, but to heal on behalf of our Creator. These herbs aim to cleanse our minds of negative, self-destructive thoughts that impede our happiness. They are not physical herbs, but something more refined, ensuring a gentle and effective healing process.

Samael's medicine works to eradicate harmful thought patterns, whether self-induced or absorbed from others – identified as "the Heathen" and "the Wicked" in the Psalms, with "Wicked" denoting being under a spell. Samael uses very specific substances to target and eliminate these harmful thoughts. These substances are toxic only to these unhealthy thoughts and long-held beliefs.

Performing Samael's Detox

If you feel like parasite-type thoughts may be affecting your well-being, consider trying Samael's Detox. To perform the detox, work the Psalm Magic Formula on Psalm 75 thrice daily for five consecutive days. During this period, it's important to prioritize self-care by getting additional rest, staying well-hydrated, and reducing unnecessary social interactions. During the day, between your sessions of Psalm magic, Do your best to recite Verse 8 from the Psalm once each hour; if you forget, don't worry. Just do your best.

"For in the hand of the Lord, there is a cup, and the wine is red; it is full of mixture; and he poureth out of the same: but the dregs thereof, all the wicked of the earth shall wring them out, and drink them."

To reiterate, the detox is very simple.

  1. For five consecutive days, work the Psalm Magic Formula on Psalm 75 three times daily.

  2. Once per hour during your waking hours, recite verse 8 from the Psalm.

After the Detox

After completing Samael's Detox, you may feel a significant positive change in your emotional well-being. This change is often seen as increased joy and lightness, leading to a fresh outlook on life. The transformation has both immediate and long-lasting effects. It's a big step on your path of spiritual liberation.

As you embrace freedom from negative thoughts, see the ray of light Samael shines before you leading you to a better future. Follow Samael's guidance, and take time to listen and be guided on your path to freedom.

Post-detox, Samael frequently reminds me firmly, "Now that you're detoxed, keep your mind pure. Avoid falling back into behaviors that led to needing a detox. Stay watchful and committed to your awakening."

Samael, the wise alchemist, offers a potion made just for you, using rare ingredients from the angelic realms. Drink it willingly, letting its magic free you and bring you clarity and strength. Blessed be.

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I appreciate 🙏 this so very much♥️

ThankYou BlessedBe 🌹


Very much enjoyed this and I look forward to doing the detox.

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Thank you so much for reading and for your lovely comment! Blessed be.

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