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Exploring the Art of Salt Magic

Updated: Mar 11

Today, let's explore the mysterious art of salt magic, using three unique and potent salt spells to demonstrate the process.

Salt, renowned for its purifying properties, has a rich history. It was used to preserve meat in the era before refrigeration. But its role continues. Salt, a culinary staple, enhances flavors and adds depth to our dishes. Across cultures, salt is revered, its significance woven into the fabric of our collective consciousness, symbolizing both purification and blessings.

By harnessing the ancient power of salt, a fundamental element in magic, we can tap into the mystical Akashic energy, transforming our deepest desires and intentions into tangible realities. Salt's inherent ability to self-cleanse ensures its enduring potency in various forms of enchantment, empowering us to shape our reality. Are you prepared to immerse yourself in the captivating world of salt magic and unlock its limitless potential?

To perform our salt spells, you only need a bowl filled with sufficient salt to cover a folded piece of paper or small envelope fully. This approach's brilliance lies in the fact that you can recycle the same salt for numerous spells. Just store it in an airtight container when it's not in use. Any form of plain salt will work (table salt, sea salt, Kosher salt, etc.). It should be noted that Epsom salts are NOT a substitute for salt.

Salt Magic: Harnessing the Power of Your Deep Mind

Our first example of salt magic will be a simple spell for money. All you need is a small envelope, a penny, and your bowl of salt. Remember, it's not enough to go through the motions and hope for results. Your spells must convey a powerful and clear message. Think of spell casting as communicating between your conscious and deep minds. The purpose of the spell is to guide your deep mind on what needs to be done. Once your deep mind is convinced, it will act, making things happen. It holds immense power. Your deep mind will ensure that your desires manifest once you effectively communicate your wishes and eliminate conflicting thoughts.

If a spell is ineffective, it is only because it didn't create a thought the deep mind accepts. We must replace old thought forms with new ones to change our reality. The dominant thought prevails in shaping our reality. Magic revolves around implanting these thoughts deep in our minds. The process involves two main steps: letting go of old thoughts and adopting new ones. Like a healthy wheat crop overpowering weeds, a new solid thought naturally supersedes the old. We focus on nurturing a powerful thought, in this case, wealth.

Clarity is crucial. Instead of seeking general prosperity, focus on a specific goal in this spell. The penny you are using isn't just a coin; it embodies the essence of your financial desire. You need $30,000 for a specific purpose, like a home down payment or debt repayment. The penny represents the seed of that $30,000, but you must be clear about it. Envision the $30,000 coming to you in the best possible way, benefiting all effortlessly and positively. Set this clear intention firmly before proceeding with the ritual.

Recognizing the sanctity and purification of salt, we acknowledge that whatever we manifest through this salt spell is also sanctified and purified. The outcomes are intended for the highest good, and we affirm that our desires manifest effortlessly in positive and healthy ways. While we anticipate the arrival of $30,000, we remain open to all possibilities for meeting our goal. It is vital to maintain an open mind and allow our deep mind to determine the manifestation process, trusting in its magical power.

Performing A Salt Ritual for Money

With the salt magic ritual, you will plant the seed of your goal, letting your deep mind receive your desire. Faith is crucial here. Just as we trust in the sunrise and a light switch, we believe unwaveringly that our spell will come to fruition in the right way for us.

By using a penny to symbolize your desired wealth, you plant the seed of financial abundance in your deep mind.

To get ready, gather what you will need: A bowl of salt, an envelope, and a penny or other coin. Then, complete the following steps:

  1. Decide on the following:

    1. Choose a chant that represents what you want, like "Wealth, Success."

    2. Pick a color that fits with your desire, such as green for prosperity.

    3. Decide on a brief scene depicting success in your goal, like seeing "Paid in Full" on a bill.

    4. Identify the feeling you'll have when you reach your goal.

  2. Begin chanting your chosen chant, i.e., "wealth, success"

  3. Place the coin in the envelope.

  4. Fold the envelope after closing it without sealing it.

  5. Bury the envelope in a bowl of salt.

  6. Visualize your desired scenario briefly.

  7. Concentrate on the salt, imagining the color you chose filling you and flowing into the salt through your palms, making it glow.

  8. Conjure the emotion you chose for your spell.

  9. After a few minutes of this visualizing, charging, and conjuring, stop chanting and relax.

  10. Take out the envelope from the salt, and add a pinch of the salt inside with the coin. Seal it, and draw the currency symbol for your country on the seal.

  11. Fold the envelope and keep it in your wallet.

  12. Once your spell manifests, open the envelope, drop the penny on a sidewalk for someone lucky to find, and get rid of the envelope.

A Salt Spell for Attracting Your Ideal Partner:

Here's another example of a salt spell to attract your ideal partner.

  1. Identify the essential qualities you seek in a partner and relationship, such as honesty, mutual love, attraction, happiness, responsibility, and the shared goal of building a prosperous, joyful, and free life together.

  2. Once you have these qualities in mind, begin reciting a chant or affirmation about love and companionship, such as "Love, Companion."

  3. Take a small piece of paper, write your name in the center of the paper, and draw a heart around it.

  4. Bury this paper in the salt.

  5. Visualize the color representing love for you, perhaps pink, and imagine this colored light filling your body and flowing from your palms into the salt, infusing it with love and companionship.

  6. Conjure emotions and images of being with your ideal partner.

  7. Stop chanting and visualizing after a few minutes.

  8. Retrieve the paper from the salt and fold it up.

  9. Hide this talisman in your bedroom until your ideal partner arrives.

  10. Trust that your perfect match is on the way and believe in the power of your deep mind to bring you what you desire.

  11. Tear up the paper and throw it away once your partner arrives.

The "Pinch of Salt Spell" For Dispelling Something Unwanted

Here is a potent and essential salt spell known as the "Pinch of Salt Spell" for eliminating unwanted big or small issues. This technique encapsulates the essence of salt magic.

  1. Start by clearing your mind and relaxing your body.

  2. Imagine white light flowing through you and into the salt.

  3. Focus on the relief you will feel once the problem is resolved, not the problem itself.

  4. Visualize the light filling the salt while repeating a mantra like "Infinite spirit."

  5. When you sense positive energy in the salt, take a pinch of salt between your thumb and index finger.

  6. Name the issue while holding the salt; then sprinkle the salt back into the container as you say, "I dispel you.

Closing Thoughts on Salt Magic

In conclusion, salt magic is a fascinating and powerful tool for those looking to manifest their desires and remove unwanted elements from their lives. By following the three key techniques outlined above, you can perform various salt magic rituals for different purposes. It's important to remember that like most magic, the timing of your spells is important. Spells for growth and attraction work best during the waxing moon phase, while those for elimination or banishment are done during the waning moon.

If you're interested in learning more about salt magic, check out the video provided below for a deeper dive into the subject and a demonstration of these three spells. Remember, the more you practice and experiment with salt magic, the more confident and effective you will become.

With that said, I hope you found this guide helpful. Until next time, Blessed be.

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