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How To Work Gray Magic

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

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White Magic vs. Black Magic

It's very common to hear people describe magic as either black magic or white magic.

To these people, black magic is associated with attacking, hexing, and cursing, whereas they believe white magic to be positive, blessing, and healing. These same people often call gray magic an ethical middle ground, whatever that means.

Please note that in the system of gray magic that I outline here, white, gray, and black, have nothing to do with ethics or morals.

In gray magic, white represents what is invisible, while black represents complete manifestation and tangibility.

If we assign black the value of 1 and white the value of 9, we have seven layers of grey between them. This is a 9-step value scale.

Gray offers an easy way of perceiving levels of light and darkness accurately.

Colors also have values. The true values of colors can be more challenging to perceive than gray, which is why color magic can sometimes be tricky. I will cover this topic more in my upcoming Color Magic course. Stay tuned

When using gray magic to manifest something, we must bring our desire from white (the visible thought plane) through the seven values of gray into black (the visible or manifest plane).

To eliminate something, we do the same thing in reverse. We start with the manifest (black) and lighten the values through all seven levels of gray until we get to white (the invisible).

A Grayscale Talisman

Making a talisman using a nine-step value scale is a powerful way to work gray magic. You don’t need to draw the circles for this talisman yourself; You can print off a page of talisman forms taken from my upcoming Color Magic course here.

If you want to draw the circles yourself, use a compass to draw a small 1-inch circle in the center of a white paper or card. Then draw some concentric circles, each a half inch larger than the last, until you have drawn nine layers.

Write a keyword in the center circle representing your desire. You can alternatively draw a small symbol of your desire instead of a keyword.

For manifestation spells, start by leaving the outer layer of the circle white. Then fill in the seven different values as best as possible, gradually darkening the gray at each successive layer. Last, fill in the center of the circle with black. Be sure to cover the word or symbol entirely in black. For elimination spells, start by coloring in the center circle black (covering your keyword or symbol). Then fill in the seven gray layers, each layer successively lighter, until you reach the last layer, which remains white.

I learned this technique using a #2 pencil to make my talisman. By varying the pressure with each layer, you can get gradually darker values as you reach the circle's center. Not being a trained artist, I struggled with making a smooth gradient using only a #2 pencil. Also, the center was difficult to color a dark black. I purchased some graphite pencils with various leads to help me vary the values of gray. They were very affordable and made the process so much easier and enjoyable. Artists’ charcoal pencils also work very well for value talismans. You can also use gray colored pencils or crayons. Vary the pressure and add layers of white and black to darken the value. You can also find crayons and pencils of different shades of gray, which makes it even easier. Gray markers, inks, or paints are other ways to create grayscale talismans.

Artistic Ability Is Unnecessary

How well you create a grayscale on your talisman does not affect your magical results. All is well, as long as your talisman has a white outer layer, a black center, and some gray in the middle. The talisman is a device to bring your desire through the value scale in your mind. Of course, as with any magic, it pays to do your best. What you put into your magic is what you get out of it.

But please don't confuse artistic ability with magical success.

Define Your Keyword or Symbol

In this operation, you use a single word or symbol to convey an entire idea to your deep mind. Make sure you take some time to define what that word or symbol means for that talisman. For instance, if you are making a talisman for a new job, you could choose the word, JOB. But before making your talisman write in your notebook or state aloud something like, "In this talisman, the word JOB means that I am gainfully employed doing ______," Then take time to list the various qualities of the job that you desire.

When Banishing or Eliminating

White acts like bleach in gray magic; it bleaches out what we desire to eliminate. When we eliminate something, we create a void; therefore, we begin with the idea of what will fill the vacuum before we create that vacuum. For instance, if you are making a talisman to eliminate migraines, you might choose the word "HEALTH." You wouldn't write the keyword "MIGRAINES" in the circle to eliminate it. Instead, write a word representing what will fill the void once the migraines are gone. In this example, that keyword is "HEALTH."

State aloud or write in your notebook, "In this talisman, the word HEALTH means that I have eliminated my migraines. I am so happy that I constantly feel joy and pleasure instead of migraines. I thank my body for feeling so good and having such wonderful health." You have already defined this talisman's word "health" to include eliminating migraines, so you have covered all your bases.

Since this spell eliminates something, you would begin by filling the center circle with black, coloring over your keyword completely, and moving out to the white perimeter, filling each successive layer with lighter gray.


Draw a 1-inch circle on white paper or card, then draw nine more concentric circles, each a half inch larger than the last. (You can also print out sheets of blank value talisman forms) Define your desire and distill your desire into a single word or symbol.

Write your word or symbol in the center circle. For manifesting: leave the outer layer of the talisman white, and color a deeper shade of gray with each successive layer until you get to the center circle, which you color completely black. Be sure to cover the keyword completely with black. For eliminating. Start by coloring the center circle black. Make sure you cover your keyword. Fill each successive layer of the talisman with a lighter shade of gray until you get to the outer layer, which you leave completely white.

Hide your completed talisman somewhere in your home. Once your desire has come to pass, rip it up and throw it away.

Candles, Perfumes, and Timing

Whether you desire to charge the talisman with a candle is completely up to you. If you burn candles, burn a white candle for elimination and a black candle for manifestation. It is a common practice in many forms of candle magic to burn black candles for banishing and white for bringing blessings. But in gray magic, white causes elimination, and black brings manifestation. Using Perfumes to consecrate your talismans isn't necessary, but I still like to use them. I use generic perfumes such as Eau de Cologne, verbena, or lavender for gray magic. You can work gray magic during any lunar phase without casting circles and on any day of the week. No planetary correspondences are required.

I hope you enjoy this sometimes challenging but always rewarding magical practice. Here is a video demonstration of the process for making Gray Magic talismans

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