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A Simple Coloring Spell

The following spell is a straightforward way to work Color Magic. Don’t let its simplicity fool you. There is a video demonstration at the bottom of this post!


  1. A small piece of paper or card;

  2. A pen with black ink;

  3. Something to draw a small circle with, such as a compass, a jar lid, or a cup.

  4. A coloring medium (crayons, colored pencils, pens, paints, etc.)


  1. In black ink, draw a small circle on your paper or card. Inside the circle, write what you desire as if it has already occurred. For example, “I paid all my credit card bills in full.”

  2. Next, determine which color represents your desire. Included in this post is a list of common uses for colors. This list isn’t definitive. Choosing a color for a spell is a very personal decision. Just because a list tells you that green is for money doesn’t mean you must use green. Use a color that speaks to you.

  3. Color the circle entirely with your chosen color. Color right on top of your writing.

  4. Once you have finished coloring your talisman, put it away so no one will see it.

  5. When your spell comes true, find your talisman, rip it up, and throw it away.

Some hints for effectiveness

Color slowly and thoughtfully.

Think about the spirit of your chosen color moving in throughout every aspect of your aura. Feel the color moving into your atmosphere. See that color going everywhere. Don't worry about how well you visualize; know that your desire is coming to pass through the power of this color.

Think about how you want your desire to come about In healthy and positive ways for the highest good of all. You could repeat aloud what you wrote in the circle while coloring.

Or you could choose to color in silence, seeing, feeling, and knowing your desire is here now. Take your time with this spell. Don’t rush. Color in all the white space on the paper or card. Use as many coats of your color as you like. As you cover the paper with color, so is your situation covered in this color to work on your behalf.

The intelligence of this color has the ability and the willingness to move through this part of your life and bring about your desire in the best way possible for you and everyone concerned.

As you color, do your best to conjure the feeling that your desire has already come to pass. Know in your gut that it has happened. See your color as light moving throughout your body, mind, and affairs.

You don't have to invoke any deity, spirit, or angel, and you don't have to work with any planet. You don't have to do anything except. Draw a circle, write your intention, and decide what color best suits you. And fill in the circle with your chosen color.

Some colors and media allow the writing to show through after completing the coloring. Others completely cover up the writing so it’s no longer visible. Neither way is better than the other. The spell will work whether the coloring has obscured the writing.

This simple spell can be a highly potent form of magic. I hope you give it a try!

Some color correspondences

  • Red: Energy, sex, passion, love, courage, movement.

  • Pink: Joy, love, friendship, harmony, beauty, creativity.

  • Orange: Attraction, motivation, ambition, success, healing, protection.

  • Yellow: Mind, sociability, networking, career, mental clarity.

  • Green: Money, fertility, health, luck, prosperity, creativity, harmony.

  • Blue: Healing, inspiration, peace, happiness, fidelity.

  • Purple: Power, wisdom, spiritual awareness.

  • Silver: Feminine energy, The Goddess, psychic development.

  • Gold: Male energy, The God, success, fortune.

  • White: Personal strength and insight, peace, serenity, truth, purification.

  • Black: Banishing, Releasing, protection.

  • Brown: Solidity, endurance, dependability, practicality.

  • Grey: Neutralize power.

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