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Making a Money Shaker for Financial Increase

A Rendering of a Money Shaker

This technique is perfect for anyone looking for a simple yet potent money spell. It employs common materials found in most homes and aims to attract financial abundance by aligning with the planetary energies associated with prosperity. This spell is best performed on the first Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday following the new moon.

Gather Your Magical Ingredients

Before you cast your spell, assemble the following items:

  • A square of paper

  • A circle-making tool, like a compass or jar lid

  • A green pen of any kind (you could also use a green colored pencil or crayon)

  • A ruler

  • A small jar or bottle with a bit of water in it

  • Florida Water or another traditional cologne, such as 4711

  • Three coins of your country's currency

  • A pinch of sugar

Crafting the Money Shaker Talisman

Drawing the Symbol

Begin by using the circle-making tool to draw a circle on the paper about the size of a small saucer. It doesn't have to be perfect. Next, mark the circle at the four quarters.

Inscribe the symbol for Jupiter in one quarter, the symbol for the Sun in the next quarter, Venus in the third quarter, and Mercury in the last quarter. Use the ruler for precise lines and consistency. In astrological traditions, these symbols are associated with different forms of prosperity. Sign your name in the center of the circle.

This circle will be your talisman. Enchant it to attract financial bounty as you create it. Focus on the purpose of your spell while drawing the symbols.

Talisman for the money shaker spell
Diagram of the Talisman

Preparing the Magical Potion

Now, it's time to prepare your money potion. Start with a moderate amount of water in the bottle. You don't need too much. Add some Florida water to the water in the bottle. This should be enough to give the potion a good scent but not be overpowering.

Add a pinch of sugar to the bottle.

Finally, drop in the three coins and close the bottle tightly. Each element represents a different facet of prosperity—the water represents purity and clarity; the Florida Water or cologne represents spiritual attraction; the sugar represents the sweetness of life; and the coins represent material manifestation.

Energizing Your Money Shaker

Place the closed bottle on top of the paper talisman. The bottle's contents and proximity to the talisman will charge it with the intended energy.

Speak clearly and with determination, saying: "By the power of Jupiter, the Sun, Venus, and Mercury, money flows to me from all directions." This proclamation solidifies the link between the charged talisman and the elements in the bottle.

Take a few minutes to see power flowing from the palms of your hands and into the potion.

Chanting The Prosperity Invocation

Move to the front entrance of your home or business. Start to shake the bottle with the potion in it rhythmically. The coins hitting the sides of the bottle will create a percussive sound. 

Begin chanting slowly at first. As you get into the rhythm, increase your speed. Imagine the energy flowing from you and into the jar with each shake. The rhythm is vital, so you should set a pace to ensure consistency. The chant should be sincere, passionate, and devoid of doubt: "Money, money, come to me. Money come to me today, as I will, so mote it be. Money, money, come to me, money come to me today, as I will so mote it be…”

This act of rattling and chanting creates a vibration that brings the prosperity energy found in the planets on your talisman down and around your space and into your aura so that it will manifest physically within your life.

Walk around your home or workspace clockwise four times, starting and ending at the front door. Shake your money shaker and chant throughout to create a potent force field of prosperity.

The Ritual Completion

Once you've completed four circles around your space, pour the entire contents of the jar or bottle just outside your threshold. This act symbolizes inviting financial increase into your life through your home or business entrance. Aim to pour the potion discreetly to seal the spell's intention.

Let the coins fall where they may. Ignore them. If someone else finds them, they'll be lucky! This ritual has helped many kickstart their finances; rather than simply finding or winning money, it more commonly leads to extra work, a pay raise, or coming up with new money-making ideas.

If your doorway opens to an indoor hallway, you may pour the potion just outside the threshold of the building's main entrance instead.

To maintain the flow of prosperity, you may repeat this ritual monthly on the first Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday following each new moon.

Final Thoughts

The money shaker spell is an easy yet powerful method for tapping into the cosmic forces governing prosperity. Its effectiveness lies in your faith and effort. By syncing with lunar phases and planetary energies, your spellwork can yield significant results.

Casual practitioners who wish to attract extra financial luck and don't adhere to any magical practice can still perform this spell. The focus is on aligning intentions with natural and cosmic forces.

May your spell bring forth the prosperity you desire. Remember, harmonizing your spiritual journey with practical actions in the physical realm is key to unlocking abundance in all aspects of your life. Best wishes on your magical endeavors!

Following is a video example of making the talisman and potion:

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Thank you, Ariel! Just purchased some Florida Water on Amazon from your link above. (So also thank you for adding the link!) 🙃

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You are so welcome. Thank you so much for reading and for your nice comment! Blessed be.

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