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How To Cast A Spell Using Playing Cards

a deck of cards on some mystical silk

Here’s a wonderfully simple spell that can be used for ANY purpose. You'll find it easy to follow and execute. 

You'll only need a few tools for this simple playing card spell.

Follow these steps:

1. Decide a playing card that represents the situation at hand (see below)

2. Write on a paper what you desire to have or eliminate.

3. Cut the paper to about the same size as the playing card

4. Place the paper and the playing card together, facing each other, and secure with four paper clips, one on each side. 

5. Meditate with the talisman before you for a few minutes. Relax and think about what you want to see happen. (Burn a candle while meditating if you desire).

6. Repeat this meditation with your talisman for three consecutive nights.

7. Hide the talisman in your home

8. Once the spell manifests, return the playing card to its deck, tear up, and throw away the paper.

Moon Cycles

Cast spells for growth during the waxing moon and for reduction or elimination (banishing) during the waning moon.

How to Choose a Card to Cast A Spell Using Playing Cards

First, find the suit that best represents your spell. Then, find the number closest to your desire. Here are keywords for each suit and each number, instructions on how to work with the face cards, plus some example spells to help you understand how this system works.

Card Suits

Clubs are used for any spell regarding business, success, work, employment, creativity, or meaningful work.

Hearts are used for any spell regarding spirituality, emotions, or romance.

Spades are used for any spell regarding conflict, cutting, eliminating, cursing, or mental activity.

Diamonds are used for spells of money, property, material possessions, and physical health.

Card Numbers

Aces represent various aspects of success, such as mastery, victory, winning, beginnings, new ventures, and purity of purpose. They are a symbol of triumph and a fresh start toward achieving your goals.

Twos symbolize spontaneity, impatience, lust, hunger, impulse, creative energy, life force, and the wellspring.

Threes symbolize Saturn, slow but steady growth, stability, form, and natural law. They also represent limitation, slowness, karma, fate, gestation, darkness, weaving, spinning, and knitting.

Fours symbolize Jupiter, worldly order, structure, expansion, long-distance travel, authority, courts, judges, the law, creativity, inspiration, vision, leadership, excess, waste, secular and spiritual power, mercy, and forgiveness.

Fives symbolize Mars, conflict, disorder, power, retribution, and destruction. They also represent the police, armed services, cruelty, oppression, domination, severity, catabolism, weapons, and martial arts.

Sixes represent the Sun, divine intervention, leaving a situation to a higher power, letting go, and letting God, harmony, integrity, balance, wholeness, the Great Work.

Sevens symbolize Venus, upgrades, improvements, victory, romance, passion, luxury, and beauty. They also represent feelings, empathy, and sympathy.

Eights represent Mercury and signify mental capacity, communication, reason, and abstract concepts. They also aid in learning, intuition, language, speech, math, and medicine.

Nines symbolize the Moon and its influence on psychic abilities, imagination, glamour, the unconscious, instinct, illusion, dreams, mirrors, crystals, and the Astral Plane. They also represent mothers, childbirth, tides, glue, and tunnels.

Tens are associated with other Earth, representing completion, the natural world, possessions, practicality, solidity, stability, and solidity.

The Face Cards

While the numbered cards (pips) are recommended for spells for specific needs, the face cards are best for self-improvement spells. Using these cards, work spells to create a new personality trait or spells to eliminate unwanted personality traits.

Jacks represent receiving news, learning, assistance, and service

Queens represent nurturing, support, care, love

Kings represent ownership, mastery, fortitude, strength

Example Card Spells

Example 1: A Spell to Increase Your Financial Income - You could choose the Four Diamonds. Fours represent worldly order and expansion, and diamonds represent money.

Example 2: A spell to get rid of a bully - You might choose the Five of Spades since fives are conflict, and so are spades. If the bully were at work, you might choose the Five of Clubs since it’s at work (clubs) and is conflict (five).

Example 3: To win a Court Case when you are in the right - you could use the Seven of Swords to represent victory (7) over conflict (swords).

Example 4: To have lies exposed. you could use the Eight of Swords since eight is communication and swords are conflict.

Example 5: to Meet one’s true love - you might use the Nine of Hearts because nines are magnets, and hearts are love

Example 6: To banish irritability or impatience with a spouse - try the Two of Hearts since twos are irritability and impatiens and hearts are love For impatience over a financial settlement, you might use Two of Diamonds.

Example 7: To find a new job, you might use the Three of Clubs since threes represent manifestation and stability, and clubs relate to work.

Example 8: To avoid test anxiety - try the Ace of Spades. Aces are mastery and winning, and spades represent mental things.

Example 9: To get rid of excess food cravings - think about using the Two of Diamonds since diamonds are the body and twos are hunger.

Example 10: To become more tolerant of a member of the family - I would use the Queen of Hearts. Hearts are love and spirituality, and Queens are nurturing.

Alternatively, you could use the Queen of Spades during the waning moon to represent eliminating conflict and nurturing or the two hearts representing impatience with emotions.

I encourage you to try this simple yet versatile magical system to cast a spell using playing cards. May you find success in all your endeavors. Until next time, blessed be.


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In example number 3 we suddenly have ‘swords’ I’m guessing that’s for use with Tarot spells (?) as opposed to playing cards (?)

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