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How To Make A Potion Of Attraction

A bottle with an orange potion in it sitting on a book which is on a table.

Today, I'm excited to share a simple yet powerful potion of attraction that can help you manifest your deepest desires.

The best time to start this is on the first Sunday following a new moon,

To begin this magical operation, gather the following materials (contains some affiliate links):

Step 1: Draw the Talisman

Start by drawing a six-pointed star on the paper and write down what you desire to attract at the star's center.

Step 2: Create the Potion of Attraction

Pour some orange flower water into the bowl and add a dash of Orange Blossom Cologne and/or a few drops of orange extract. If these ingredients are unavailable, grate some orange peel into plain water in the bowl.

Step 3: Add the Magnetized Particles

If you have iron filings, magnetize them with a magnet. Alternatively, use pre-purchased magnetic sand. Only a few pinches are necessary.

Step 4: Submerge the Talisman

Place the talisman in the bowl, face up, and completely submerge it in the potion.

Step 5: Charge the Potion

Face your palms toward the bottle and charge the potion by visualizing an orange light flowing from your palms and into the bottle while chanting:

“Orange light, pure and bright, bring my desire into sight.”

Step 6: Strain the Potion

Let the potion rest for an hour before straining it through a coffee filter into a clean bottle. Close the bottle securely. Discard the filter along with its contents, including the soaked talisman.

Step 7: Charge the Potion six more times

Once again, visualize the orange light and the desired outcome while chanting for a few minutes. Put the bottle away for the day and repeat this charging process once daily for six days.

Step 8: Manifest Your Desire

On the sixth day, uncork the bottle and pour the potion over your head after a bath or shower. Let it run down your body, but avoid contact with your eyes. Allow your body to air dry.

Step 9: Let it go

Wash the bottle and put it away. Completely forget your desire; know that it is coming to you.

Following these steps, you can harness the power of attraction to help you to manifest your desires. Faith, imagination, will, and secrecy are the four critical components of any magical operation. May your desires be drawn to you with the energy of this spell.

Thank you for joining me on this magical journey, and happy manifesting!

Here's a video example of the entire process:

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