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Invoking Archangel Uriel: The Angel of Divine Presence

Exploring the Powers of the Teaching Angels -

Part 7: Uriel, the Angel of Uranus and Divine Presence

Archangel Uriel from Unknown Artist from Cairo
My free Basic Angel Magic Course teaches about eight teaching angels, powerful beings dedicated to helping you unlock your inner power and discover your true Will. Each Angel represents a planetary body with unique powers to aid those seeking guidance. In this series, we explore all eight teaching angels.

Invoking Archangel Uriel to Experience the Divine Presence

This article will explore the idea of "Presence," a divine quality linked to Archangel Uriel and the planet Uranus, both located on the second sphere of the Tree of Life. Through the symbol of a lightning bolt descending the tree, Uriel embodies this attribute.

Greek mythology reveres Uranus, the deity of the sky and lightning, for his immense mythological significance. According to the story, Kronos castrated Uranus, and from his severed genitals, the goddess Aphrodite emerged. This tale holds significant symbolism where castration represents the fall of divine energy, while the emergence of Aphrodite signifies Love triumphing on the seventh sphere.

Some ancient texts describe the divine concept of Presence as the "Fear of God." It's essential to grasp the underlying principles instead of getting caught up in the wording. "Fear of God" does not mean being scared but recognizing the all-encompassing love of the divine.

The concept of fear in our world is often associated with pain, but when it comes to Fear of God, it's a different story. Instead of causing discomfort, it brings excitement and even ecstasy. It's a feeling of being in the "Presence" of our true essence and experiencing infinite joy.

Uriel is sometimes called the Angel of the Presence, and his job is to help us remember not to disregard the divine Presence surrounding us. Within this Presence lies great wisdom and enlightenment, giving us access to celestial energy that connects us to all that is. We can ask Uriel for guidance in experiencing this Presence, the source of life and everything in the universe.

The Mystical Understanding of Universal Oneness

In my Basic Angel Magic course, I discuss Uriel, one of the eight "teaching angels." He is a Throne Angel, the messenger of the singular power responsible for all that is. This knowledge goes beyond monotheism and delves into the energy and power that permeates all creation, creating a continuous cycle of growth and vitality.

We can draw examples from well-known movies to better explain this profound concept. For instance, The Force embodies the universal energy we explore in Star Wars. Likewise, in The Craft, "Manon" corresponds to the notion of a singular force in all living beings.

We are all extensions of this singular force - a collective oneness devoid of division or separation. The symbolism of a divine lightning bolt represents both the awe-inspiring Presence of God and the Archangel Uriel, a mighty being who embodies the very essence of this unifying force.

By seeking Uriel's guidance, we can achieve a mystical understanding of the eternal unity and serenity that permeate the universe. By delving into Uriel's teachings and exploring the profound depths of Divine Presence, we can discover ancient secrets and develop a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness of everything.

Connecting with Uriel: Embracing Divine Presence for a More Fulfilling Life

Humans all desire to discover purpose and significance in our lives. We yearn for a link to something beyond ourselves that embodies perfection and truth. This frequently leads us to crave the Presence of the Divine, the source of all existence, even if we are uncertain of the nature of our longing.

When connecting with the Throne Angel Uriel, the "angel of light," one can experience a sense of awe and wonder. It's essential to remember that Uriel's realm is characterized by remarkable speed and unpredictability, sometimes leading to feeling overwhelmed or apprehensive. If we ever feel overwhelmed while working with Uriel, he takes a step back to prevent us from increasing our fear. Therefore, if we find ourselves afraid or unable to sense his Presence, it may be beneficial to work with a different angel until we feel more equipped to handle Uriel's power.

Engaging with Uriel's power brings about a quickening of our vibration. It can dispel trouble, illness, accidents, and negativity while correcting any misuse we inflict upon ourselves, our minds, our bodies, and the earth.

One may instinctively avoid connecting with Uriel because they're afraid they'll have to let go of things that don't align with the Divine. But letting go of these things holding them back can lead to enlightenment. By releasing them, they can become more open to connecting with the Presence and experiencing their soul's True Will.

The Journey of Divine Exploration with Uriel

The guiding force that watches over us wants what is best for us. It surprises us with unexpected blessings. We should remember that we come from this force and are not separate from it. Feeling connected to this Presence is not a new experience but a remembrance of our true essence that we have forgotten over many lifetimes.

By embracing the Divine Presence with the help of Uriel, we can attain peace and tranquility in our everyday lives. This serves as a reminder that we are not alone and that a kind force always guides us toward our ultimate good. By doing this, we can let go of our fears, frustrations, and worries and live in the present moment. We can bask in the beauty of nature, connect happily with others, and cherish all aspects of the gift of life.

Connecting with the Divine Presence brings about quick changes and brings us on a path of rapid spiritual growth. This may appear challenging at times, but it is ultimately the only thing that will bring us the happiness we crave.

Uriel is here to help us enter a peaceful and empowering state of being so that we can learn from the Divine Presence. He promises self-discovery, occult wisdom, magic, clarity, insight, and rapid growth. Are you ready to take the journey? Let Uriel guide you toward your highest truth and reveal the power of the Divine within you.

The Divine Awakening

There is a mystical force that unites us all, transcending our differences. We are all part of a grand family but have become disconnected from our genuine essence. Our limited mindfulness confines us to a life of disorder and scarcity. Nonetheless, there is reason to be happy. By tapping into Divine Presence, we can undergo a profound transformation. Our spirits are reawakened with memories of our genuine selves, either from our past lives or in a single moment. True enlightenment cannot be predicted; it can happen unexpectedly.

Uriel can assist us in recognizing the difference between our genuine selves and the facade we have learned to present to the world. We can attain this understanding by acknowledging the Presence, which is always accessible. Doing so can enhance our awareness, substantially improving our physical, mental, and interpersonal experiences.

In working with Uriel and Divine Presence, it is crucial to brace yourself for the extraordinary experiences that lie ahead. Remember that this path requires letting go of anything that no longer serves your purpose. Trust in the guiding force within you is vital to unlocking profound enlightenment. As you traverse this electric path, have faith that the Presence will bring forth unequivocal outcomes when the timing is perfect.

If you decide to follow Uriel's path, be aware there is no going back. It's essential to let go of any uncertainty and immerse yourself in the potent energy of the Presence. Remain open to the enlightenment and insight that await you, and allow them to guide you towards a more profound comprehension of who you are and where you stand in the immense and enigmatic cosmos.

Overcoming Fear Through Divine Presence

When you are in touch with the Divine Presence within you, you will experience inner peace, and your desires will quickly come true. Fear won't be able to exist. Remember that you are a manifestation of this powerful essence. Everything you do, feel and want is full of energy, and any negative thing that doesn't match this energy will disappear quickly. Embrace the Presence and see how everything in the world aligns with your soul's purpose.

In the realm of Divine Presence, the illuminating light dissolves fear. By embracing this force, you can break free from the shackles of fear caused by people, circumstances, objects, demons, or anything else. Allow it to guide you towards profound serenity where fear becomes a faint memory, replaced by tranquil calmness that nurtures your soul. Embrace the transformative energy of Presence, and fear will no longer hinder your path.

If you ever experience discomfort in the Presence of Uriel and the Divine Presence, take a moment to contemplate the reasons behind it. It's important to remember that this force will not take away anything precious. Sometimes, things we perceive as valuable can harm us. Allow the power of Presence to remove any obstacle to your authentic freedom.

When working with Uriel, there is no room for hesitation. The Divine Presence arrives promptly, manifesting its essence. Welcome the emotions accompanying this Presence, as it eradicates all your apprehensions. Embrace your inner fortitude, and permit the Divine Presence to alter your viewpoint. With its boundless strength, fear fades away, leaving only tranquility and a profound sense of peace.

Embracing the Presence through Uriel

Uriel eagerly awaits our call beyond all earthly measurements, beckoning us on a journey of enlightenment that transcends the mundane and leads to the extraordinary. Divine Presence can transform every aspect of our lives, permeating our body, mind, and soul with its profound magic. 

As we invoke the Presence into our being, we unlock the gateway to profound happiness, total freedom, and unwavering safety. With each step we take on this sacred path, we are guided by the Divine Will, which seeks to illuminate our existence and reveal profound revelations that enrich our experience. 

Experiencing the Presence, we find solace and tranquility as it envelops us in its powerful embrace. In this state of deep connection, we can unravel the mysteries of the universe and gain a deeper understanding of our purpose. Through the nurturing power of this mystical Presence, we can find true peace and purpose in our lives.

Let us surrender ourselves to the divine guidance of Uriel and allow his wisdom to unfold before us. As we embark on this journey of enlightenment, we are filled with awe and wonder as the universe's secrets are revealed to us one revelation at a time. With each step we take, the magic of the Presence effortlessly touches every realm of our existence, leaving no aspect unaffected by its transformative power.

Closing Thoughts: Embracing the Divine Presence for Lasting Serenity

Thank you for embarking on this transformative journey with me as we connect with the Divine Presence. Surrendering to the present moment allows us to experience miracles and boundless joy and fulfill our true purpose, leading us to success in all aspects of life.

Incorporating the practice of invoking Archangel Uriel and experiencing the sacred Presence unlocks a profound power source within us that yields incredible growth without obstacles to impede our progress.

I thank you once again for sharing this sacred space with me. May your journey toward embracing the Divine Presence be blessed with abundance and wisdom at every step.

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April H Collier
April H Collier
Jul 18, 2023

This blog is so important to me! I love it! Reading your words has been so helpful in improving the quality of my life. Arch Angel Gabriel…I am seeking instruction about this teaching Angel! I hope I haven’t missed it somewhere here; somehow? I know you have the Angel Magic Course. I need to complete that for sure…it’s just a lot!

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