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Magic and The Quiet Mind

To work any style of magic effectively, the first thing that must be accomplished is finding quietness within your mind and relaxation in your body.

This can seem impossible if you are working magic to get yourself out of trouble or crisis, but it can be done and it must be done. Entering a magical operation with a sense of desperation is almost always a recipe for failure.

A common occurrence when people find themselves in trouble is that they rush through website after website, or flip through book after book, trying to find a spell, prayer, or treatment that will help, all the while increasing their anxiety and leaving them in a state where failure seems their only option.

Having a regular, daily spiritual practice is the secret to avoiding this sort of problem. Regular practice primes you for the times when you need to lean on your discipline in order to find the quietness of mind that is required for magical efficacy.


Effective magic simply cannot be performed in a state of panic, upset, fear, anger, or chaos. You must first find relaxation in your mind and body. You can accomplish this quietness only through regular daily practice.

At least once each day, sit, with your spine straight, and start to breathe deeply and calmly. Tell each part of your body, in turn, to relax and let go as you breathe. Your body has to obey you. If your mind starts racing, immediately bring it back to your breath and the relaxation of your body.

Once your body is relaxed, then relax your mind. A simple way to do this is to mentally repeat a phrase. I use the phrase, “Blessed Be.”

Mentally repeat this phrase (or another of your choosing) while you continue to breathe deeply and calmly. Whenever you notice your mind wandering or racing, gently (but firmly) bring it back to the silent mental repetition of your chosen phrase.


It is only a quiet mind in a relaxed body that can work effective magic. Practice quieting your mind and relaxing your body each day. Work up to 5, 10, or even 20 minutes each day of this, and you will be ready for magic even under the most stressful of circumstances. For full training in how to build your own magical powers and how to use them to cast positive spells for yourself, check out my free 18-week audio course, A Witch's Primer.

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1 Comment

This is so helpful because I was always nervous when I cast spells now I'm learning calm and relax my mind and body to cast more effective spells

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