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The Ten-Day Psalm Curse

Updated: May 13

A Witch Who Cannot Curse Cannot Heal

It is possible to look at all magic as being in two categories—blessing and cursing.

To curse something is to destroy it.

Cursing is the power to negate; it’s the power to banish. Cursing is the power to bring accountability and retribution.

It is wise that our goal in any magical operation be peace. When our goal is peace, we ultimately desire peace with whatever is the object of our curse.

To find peace, we must first find forgiveness.

We pay lip service to concepts like peace and forgiveness if we pretend to be at peace with or have forgiven someone while secretly resenting them.

If somebody has wronged us and we try to forgive them too fast, it's like when someone dies, and we rush through our grieving.

We can't skim over the feelings our traumas have caused us and expect to find peace. Rushing to declare that we have forgiven someone when we haven’t completely felt our feelings about the situation is a surefire way to delay our experience of peace indefinitely.

It is common in spiritual circles to be encouraged to find forgiveness immediately and not let ourselves experience the resentment we are feeling.

While I agree that giving up resentment is necessary to find peace, it’s an empty goal if we are being dishonest with ourselves about what we are feeling.

True forgiveness can’t happen until we first stand up for ourselves. It’s impossible to feel victimized and be at peace at the same time.

Most of us already understand concepts like “hurt people, hurt people,” and “this person is not bad; they are simply exhibiting unacceptable behavior.” But knowing these things doesn't make any difference in our lives if we are broken and bloody (either figuratively or literally) because of what they've done to us.

While cursing is rarely warranted, there are cases wherein we have been wronged so profoundly that no other method can bring us the peace we seek.

The Ethics of Cursing

Know that when we curse another person, we curse ourselves. This is because we cannot do to someone anything that we’re not doing to ourselves.

We must hold our feet to the fire when we curse someone.

If we curse another for gossiping about us but take part in the rumor mill ourselves, it should not surprise us when the curse swiftly comes alive in our own lives.

We can't look at cursing as something that we do casually and with no forethought. Cursing is not a frivolous pastime.

If you are considering cursing another person, it is wise to go through your mind and ask, “is this honestly the only way for me to find peace?”

Remember that, unlike in the movies, once you've cursed somebody, you can't un-curse them. Once a curse is cast, it must run its course.

Cursing can be a very dangerous process. When you curse another, you can burn yourself much more than with any other magic.

I've known people who cursed as a recreational activity. These people used magic to destroy lives. These people weren’t cursing to find forgiveness; they were cursing because people annoyed them or didn’t behave the way the cursers wanted them to.

These cursers also gleefully enjoyed their feelings of personal power as they watched others suffer at their hands.

Most of those cursers have already met tragic and untimely ends.

Psalmic Curses

Psalmic curses are among the most potent curses known. Unlike other curses, however, Psalmic curses have some important stopgaps and protections.

One especially good thing about the Psalmic curses is that if it turns out that a curse wasn’t warranted in the end, the Psalmic current adjusts the energy for you, so nothing bad happens to anyone.

If somebody does deserve the curse, they will know the score and will feel and see their actions’ effects returned on them. They will be taught a lesson, and there will be accountability.

With a Psalmic curse, ultimately, all will be well. This is because the goal of all magic done with the Psalmic curses is that of restitution and of making everyone involved whole again.

With a Psalmic curse, you can go through your need for revenge and retribution instead of suppressing it. You can be confident that there will be accountability and equity in a very profound and effective manner.

This will provide you with the perfect mental and emotional environment to finally find the forgiveness and peace you seek.

Forgive Out of Self-Interest

There's nothing wrong with self-interest. Everybody benefits when we take care of ourselves first. Can you imagine a world where everybody minded their own business? How different life would be!

Everyone would get their needs met and do what they want to do. We would live in a world where everybody is working their true will. There would be harmony.

Therefore, whenever we forgive, we don’t do it for the sake of the person who wronged us; we do it for ourselves.

You forgive another because it gives you peace of mind.

Cursing Is Sacred Magic

While Cursing is not appropriate very often, when it is appropriate, don't think, “No, I don't curse because I’m a good person.”

Sometimes good people take out restraining orders. Sometimes good people testify against criminals. Sometimes good people press charges. And yes, good people sometimes curse too. I always recommend that cursing be done through the Psalms. The Psalmic curses are extremely effective and bring about remarkable results. But they are also safe to use.

If you mess up and curse somebody who doesn't deserve it, you and they are each protected. This is because the Psalms are so well constructed that a resolution will be found more positively if a curse isn’t warranted, and no one will be harmed.

Cursing is not something to reach for unless you are sure it’s the only way, but know that it is available to you should you need it. You can do it in a way that brings about healing rather than bringing about destruction for its own sake.

Cursing Situations Instead of People

I rarely need to curse people, but I regularly curse various situations. If a problem doesn’t clear up, I will do a Ten-Day Psalm curse on it and watch the problem wither and die before my eyes.

Try it. Curse your debt, health problems, procrastination, laziness, etc.

The Ten-Day Psalm Curse

This curse is very simple to do. Write the name of the person, situation, or condition you are cursing on paper. Draw a circle around the name. Then turn the paper so that the name appears to you upside down.

You may, optionally, burn either a white or black candle and set it on top of the paper as it burns.

Incense or perfumes are unnecessary for this spell, nor is it necessary to cast any magic circle.

Work the Psalm Magic Formula on each of the following Psalms, one per day: Psalms 5, 35, 55, 58, 59, 69, 79, 109, 137, and 139.

If you are burning a candle, ensure you extinguish it after you finish working the psalm for each day. Relight it the next day. When you have finished the final Psalm, on the tenth day, let the candle burn down and out by itself.

After ten days, tear up the paper and throw it in the trash. No other ritual needs to be performed.

Following is a lecture I gave called "Cursing to Find Forgiveness." I hope you enjoy it!.

Blessed be,


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4 kommentarer

26 jan. 2023

thanks for the well written and clear explanations, it's really good to have a guide!

Ariel Gatoga
Ariel Gatoga
09 feb. 2023

You are very welcome! Thank you so much for reading and for your lovely comment. BB


matthew smith
matthew smith
24 jan. 2023

i fear your right. Cant destroy cant create or heal....

Ariel Gatoga
Ariel Gatoga
24 jan. 2023

Blessed be.

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