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The Sevens

Merry Meet! It's time to delve into the sevens as we continue our sojourn through the non-illustrated pips!

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Seven We know the seventh sphere on the Tree of Life as Eternity or Victory--the sphere of the upgrades of the Tree. Whereas the sixes showed us the nature of salvation; the sevens bring us the "upgrades" that result from this salvation. Seven is the sphere of Venus, the planet of love, beauty, art, poetry, and seduction.

Seven is an unbalanced, odd number. Calls us to move to the next best place on our path. Sevens are upgrades. They show us how our luck can change in an instant.

The seventh sphere is where all love goddesses dwell: Aphrodite, Venus, Brigid, Freya, etc. This is a sphere of both seduction and love. Of debauchery and beauty.

The seventh sphere is the sphere of emerald greens, sea-foam greens, corals and pinks.


The Seven of Wands

Wands are our passions. They represent our work in the world, and those things we came here to accomplish. They can be our careers, our jobs, our vocations and our serious hobbies.

The Seven of Wands often indicates an upgrade in our work. Sevens can show so-called luck in our lives, but we know all luck is because of what we do, not some capricious deity doling out rewards and punishments. In a reading, this can portend a promotion or raise at work, a positive turn of events in a career or a swift success in an important project .

The Seven of Cups

Cups often reveal one's love life; but they can also show us our spiritual life, and the journey of our soul. Sevens always are harbingers of beautification; thus the Seven of cups speaks to us of an upgrade and a beautification in a love relationship and in our own relationship with our soul.

In a reading, this card reveals a lucky turn of events in romance, and the desire and need to find beauty in all parts of our lives.



The Seven of Swords

This is a card of a complete reversal in conflict.

The Seven of Swords brings us news of a resolution in a fight, argument or resentment. This card reminds us that many of our battles can disappear if we but look at them in a new light. This upgrade is one where the energy of seven can be at its most helpful.

This is a card of grace and forgiveness. In a reading, the Seven of Swords often tells of a long standing conflict that is completely turned on its head. It can also be a sign that the querent is learning new positive ways to deal with conflict in general.

The Seven of Coins

The lucky Seven of Coins tells us that a financial upgrade is in the making.

Upgrades and a change of luck in every area of money, finance, assets and possessions are all promised by the Seven of Coins.

Since the Coins can represent all manifestations of wealth and possessions, the Seven of Coins can signal the need to beautify one's environment.

In a reading, this card can mean a raise, a win and a sudden change in fortune.

Next up, the busy eights! Thank you so much for reading my post. I'm so happy to have you be a part of Ariel's Corner! Join us on our daily tarot readings, magic streams, on our Forums, and on our Facebook Group. Blessed be!

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