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The Vision of Poimandres: An Esoteric Journey into Hermetic Wisdom

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

The Ancient Egyptian god, Thoth
The Ancient Egyptian god, Thoth

The Vision of Poimandres

The Pymander of Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus, a sacred and ancient Hermetic text, has endured time. Its profound wisdom has undergone countless transformations and suffered from inaccurate translations. Within its pages, we are immersed in the ancient ideals of the Hermetic religion, intricately woven into a comprehensive and cohesive work comprising seventeen parts.

Poimandres Emerges

Part two, known as "The Vision" or Poimandres, unveils the divine revelation bestowed upon Hermes, revealing the secrets of the invisible universe. As we delve into this timeless masterpiece among the vast array of Hermetic literature, we embark on a journey to comprehend the depths of our souls, guided by the teachings of ancient Egypt.

In this profound journey, we are invited to explore the mysterious depths of the universe and uncover the timeless wisdom that awaits those who seek enlightenment. As Hermes, the teacher, shares this profound knowledge, we find ourselves captivated by the mysteries of the invisible world and inspired to embark on our path of self-discovery.

Hermes walked through a barren and rough terrain, his footsteps echoing in the vast emptiness. He was deep in prayer and contemplation as he followed the Temple's sacred instructions. During a moment of transcendence, he released his thoughts from his earthly body and explored the mysterious fabric of existence beyond our world.

And there, amidst the ethereal domain, Hermes witnessed a sight of awe-inspiring grandeur—an immense dragon, its wings stretching across the heavens, emanating a radiant glow that encapsulated the essence of Universal Life. For those who embraced the principles of The Mysteries, this luminous illumination held profound significance.

Hermes encountered the magnificent Dragon, which introduced itself as Poimandres - the personification of the Universe's Mind. Hermes was both afraid and respectful, questioning why Poimandres was present. Poimandres replied by expressing their desire to enlighten Hermes about the cosmos' complex workings and the gods' divine orchestrations. Poimandres urged Hermes to remember its teachings so that he could pass on this sacred knowledge to others and light up their path.

The Creation

Hermes experienced a significant transformation, as if a veil had been lifted, revealing a radiant brilliance. Within this luminous glow, Poimandres appeared, emanating wisdom. However, the Light quickly dissipated, and darkness enveloped everything in an unsettling embrace. A mysterious mist and haunting echoes of sorrowful sighs surrounded Hermes. At that moment, he realized that Light represented the spiritual realm, while darkness ruled the material world.

The sound of a powerful and sacred word echoed through the misty waters, concealed within the essence of Light. The voice was so forceful that it separated the Light's waters from the murky depths, and the elements of fire and air followed suit. However, the earth and water remained motionless like ancient statues. The ethereal domains began to take shape from the celestial realms of Light's waters, while the empires below emerged from dark waters. A never-ending dance between earth and water began, and the Spiritual Word, also called Reason, stirred the surface, creating an infinite symphony of chaos.

Poimandres Embodies Illumination and Intellect

Once again, Poimandres spoke, but His ethereal presence remained unseen. He declared Himself as the original Light, existing before all things. "The fiery column that rose from the depths represents the Son of God, also called Reason. Reason will distinguish between right and wrong, protecting the sacredness of truth."

"Reflect, O Hermes, and meditate on this mystery. The manifestations perceived by your senses transcend earthly realms. They embody the divine Word within your heart. Light and darkness defy mere division. The fusion of Word and Mind bestows the essence of life. The ascending Light signifies your divine Mind nature embarking on an odyssey towards immortality, while the lingering darkness represents your mortal self, forever unaware of eternity. Unveil the secrets of the Mind, delve into its unfathomable depths, and unravel the path to everlasting life."

The Origins of Everything

Hermes and the Dragon locked eyes, time stood still, and Hermes felt a sense of unease at the power emanating from the Dragon. Suddenly, the celestial heavens opened up, revealing a breathtaking energy display. The stars and divine spirits shone with a brilliant light ignited by a solitary cosmic flame. It was an indescribable sight, a fleeting glimpse into the divine. Then, the Dragon spoke, and Reason materialized, revealing the profound wisdom of the Divine Mind and captivating Hermes' musings, stirring his soul.

The Demiurge

"The universe was conceived by the Supreme Mind, even before its birth, in a divine concept known as the Archetype. The Mighty Force, called 'the Word,' created a cosmic symphony that made a vast expanse where celestial bodies and living beings could flourish. The Mind, the progenitor of all, breathed life into an archetypal human being.

As the Word echoed, light and darkness emerged, mapping out distinct realms. The Supreme Being created the Workman, a celestial artisan responsible for constructing everything. The Word, a breath of energy, ignited the flames of creation along its path. This ethereal fire infused matter with vibrancy and luminosity. Seven mighty Spirits, known as the Governors, were summoned to govern the world, entrusted with destinies bestowed upon them by the Fiery Workman.

God's Word left chaos empty of purpose to unite with the Fiery Workman. Together, they established an eternal system that transcends time and space.

The unreasoning elements gave birth to creatures devoid of thought. The air granted the gift of flight, while the water brought forth swimming creatures. The earth birthed peculiar four-legged animals and monstrous beings. Then, God created a flawless man in His image - a celestial being dwelling in the radiant embrace of God's Light. God bestowed upon him dominion over all other creations.

The Man yearned to create and observe the creations of his brother, the Second Mind. His Father permitted him, and the Seven Governors each bestowed a fragment of their power upon the Man. However, the Man's thirst for knowledge remained unquenched. He longed to unravel the mysteries of the one who sat on eternal fire and held all power and thus began his profound journey of self-discovery."

Seven are Born on Earth

The connection between nature and humanity is profound and intertwined. Mortals possess both immortality and transience; our struggle lies in uncovering reality. We have been granted powerful abilities such as Life, Light, and Word, yet our destinies remain entangled in the elusive grasp of the Rings of Fate.

The Immortal Man is a manifestation of both masculinity and femininity and is forever watchful. Their Father also embodies both genders and is eternally attentive. This previously guarded secret is now emerging, captivating our senses.

The union of Nature and the Sky Man resulted in seven true hermaphrodites, vessels of both masculine and feminine essence. Each carried a fragment of the Seven Governors within them, transcending boundaries of race, species, and realm. They were gifted with a human form akin to ours, receiving Life and Light from the Great Dragon and transforming into Souls and Minds. Immortality and mortality intertwined harmoniously within them until a divine change occurred.

Contemplating these truths, we embark on a journey to trace the origins of our existence and the intricacies of our shared destiny.

The Separation of Gender

Long ago, humans were both male and female, embodying the union of opposites. But then, a divine plan intervened and separated them into two distinct groups. At this moment, a message resonated within every soul, urging them to multiply and thrive. This message revealed the eternal nature of the mind, which is beyond mortality. However, pursuing earthly desires led to death. To attain immortality, we must recognize that the body is a vessel, a sacred abode for the immortal soul. Therefore, humanity was implored to seek self-awareness, as the essence of true goodness lies within. Guided by Providence and the Seven Governors, the sexes intertwined, giving birth to diverse beings and multiplying the human race. Those consumed by material existence dwell in darkness, suffering the agony of death. However, those who understand the transient nature of the physical form can ascend to everlasting life.

The Cycle of Life and Death

Hermes pondered, why can't mortals revel in the immortality of ignorance? A question that delves into the profound depths of existence. In response, the Great Dragon unveiled a revelation: those who remain unaware perceive the body as the sole vessel of being, thus embracing the concept of death. Driven by an insatiable curiosity, Hermes sought guidance on how the wise and virtuous could transcend into the divine realm. Poimandres, the harbinger of wisdom, imparted sagacity, proclaiming that those who acquaint themselves with Life and Light shall embark on an eternal voyage alongside them. When one, equipped with a discerning mind, embarks upon the pursuit of self-discovery, skillfully distinguishing reality from illusion, only then can one truly become a devoted servant of truth.

Walking the Path of Reverence

As Hermes mused about the existence of minds in all people, the Great Dragon spoke with solemnity, warning him to choose his words carefully. The Dragon identified himself as the Mind - the Eternal Teacher, the Father of Wisdom, and the savior of all. Wisdom brings purpose to life, and those who embody kindness, goodness, purity, mercy, and walk the path of reverence are sought out by Thoth, also known as Thought. Thoth reveals a profound understanding to these individuals, and they honor the divine.

The wise and reflective souls learn to let go of their desires before passing, ensuring the immortality of their spirits. Those who cherish the Mind are shielded from negative thoughts and emotions, and the darkness has no hold on them. However, the Mind will not reveal itself to those who lack kindness, for they would not understand its mysterious depths. Their choices breed demons within, leading to more suffering. The punishment of craving is the denial of fulfillment.

Exploring the Depths of the Soul

Hermes was filled with deep gratitude and a desire to further understand the soul. He had received profound wisdom from the Great Dragon, Poimandres, who revealed a mysterious truth to him. When a mortal dies, their body returns to the essential elements it came from. The good part of their soul goes to the ethereal Eighth Sphere, while the evil part goes to the realm of demons. The senses, emotions, desires, and human yearnings return to the Seven Governors, the sources of life and destruction. This duality is observed not only in humans but also in spiritual entities.

The Path to Immortality

Hermes was grateful to the Great Dragon for the knowledge he gained and desired to delve even deeper into the mysteries of the soul. Poimandres revealed secrets beyond death, where the body returns to the earth, and the divine essence ascends to the Eighth Sphere. Demons reside among evil forces, while the Seven Governors control life.

Most people patiently wait for the cosmic dance to reach its end to achieve immortality. However, those who grasp the essence of Hermes' teachings can transcend mortal boundaries and ascend to the realm of the Father, gaining immense divine power. This wisdom is only for a select few with the key to unraveling sacred mysteries.

While some may accidentally find the path to immortality, most must wait for the universe to halt and restart. Those who understand the enigma and follow its guidance will ascend to the luminous embrace of God's White Light and become powerful vessels in His divine realm. These revelations are given to those adorned with the crown of wisdom.

Hermes and the Path to Eternal Illumination

Hermes spoke words of great truth that deeply resonated with those who listened. He reminded them they were not mere beings but divine spirits formed from the elements. They should awaken from ignorance and embrace their true home, shining in the radiant realm of Light. Even though immortality beckons, many still choose mortality. Hermes urged them to alter their perceptions and forsake the darkness that binds them. He encouraged them to ascend through the Seven Rings and unite with eternal illumination.

While some dismissed his words, others yearned for his guidance and wisdom. Hermes welcomed them with benevolence and bestowed his teachings. As his journey neared its end, he etched his wisdom onto parchment, creating a timeless guide for all who aspire to transcend mortality.

Hermes revealed that in his slumber, his Mind awakened. His silence was filled with hope and righteousness. He received profound truth from the Great Dragon, Poimandres, which unraveled Reason. Hermes expressed immense gratitude to the Divine for this enlightenment, praising the Almighty as the embodiment of Life, Light, and Eternal Goodness.

Hermes' Exaltation of The Creator

Hermes then called out:

"Holy is God, the Father of all things, the One before the First Beginning.

"Holy is God, whose will is performed and accomplished by His Powers which He hath given birth to out of Himself.

"Holy is God, who has determined that He shall be known, and who is known by His own to whom He reveals Himself.

"Holy art Thou, who by Thy Word (Reason) hast established all things.

"Holy art Thou, of whom all Nature is the image.

"Holy art Thou, whom the inferior Nature has not formed.

"Holy art Thou, who art more substantial than all powers.

"Holy art Thou, who art more excellent than all excellency.

"Holy art Thou, who art better than all praise.

"Accept these reasonable sacrifices from a pure soul and a heart stretched out unto Thee.

"O Thou Unspeakable, Unutterable, to be praised with silence!

"I pray Thee to look mercifully upon me, that I may not err from the knowledge of Thee and that I may enlighten those that are in ignorance, my brothers and Thy sons.

"Therefore I believe Thee and bear witness unto Thee, and depart in peace and trustfulness into Thy Light and Life.

"Blessed art Thou, O Father! The Man Thou hast fashioned would be sanctified with Thee as Thou hast given him the power to sanctify others with Thy Word and Thy Truth."

The eternal Father of all creation, who embodies holiness, is God. He precedes the concept of time and orchestrates the fulfillment of His divine will through the powers He has woven into existence. God reveals Himself to those He holds dear and imparts knowledge of His Nature and purpose. He spoke all things into existence with His Word, the instrument of Reason, and His divine reflection is unveiled through Nature.


The Vision of Hermes is a captivating tale that invites readers to explore the mysteries of existence and uncover the secrets of the universe. As we delve deeper into its intricate plot and symbolism, we discover the profound wisdom of life that it holds and the transformative power of knowledge and insight. By embracing the teachings of this story, we can unlock the hidden depths of our consciousness and embark on a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment.

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