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Getting Unstuck

Are there stuck places in your life? Are there knots you can't untie? Have what seem like unsolvable problems confronted you?

There is a force that has all power to heal and correct. It knows precisely what's wrong and how to fix it. We know this power as the Goddess.

Nature always tends toward healing, correction, rebalancing. She knows exactly what to do at all times and requires absolutely no help from us.

But in the realms of consciousness, we have free will. We can choose to experience anything we desire. If what we desire is out of harmony with the will of All That Is, then we experience problems.

You were not created at some moment in the past and then abandoned and left on your own to find your way back home. You are being created at every instant, and are constantly safely in the presence of the very love that is perpetually creating you.

We ponder vain thoughts which all boil down to "How can I be special?" This one little insane idea, "How can I separate myself from infinite good?" is responsible for the seemingly eternal nightmares that we experience.

Our nightmares sometimes seem pleasant to us, however, so we assume that we just have to take the good with the bad, because "that's life."

When we develop a relationship with the Goddess, we discover she can expertly untie all the knots we have gotten ourselves tangled up in. She will undo all the consequences of our individual vain imaginings, along with the vain imaginings of the entire species.

1). Connect with the Goddess daily, in silence; then, 2) take your life as it comes; every problem that presents itself to you, invoke her presence and ask for release, rather than trying to figure it all out on your own, or resist it.

There is no problem too small to be insignificant to her. There is no problem too large for her to solve.


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