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The Knock-On-Wood Spell

Hand Knocking On Wood

"Knock on wood" has been ingrained in various cultures for centuries to invoke good luck and ward off jinxes. Observing how people instinctively knock on or touch wooden surfaces to preserve good fortune or acknowledge something extraordinary is fascinating.

Tapping, or knocking on wood, can be traced back to ancient folklore. Early Christians believed it could invoke the mystical power of the cross for protection and good fortune. Interestingly, this tradition predates Christianity and can be linked to an ancient magical practice called "rapping."

Rapping is a captivating and ancient form of magic where a magician knocks on a surface using some magical formula to determine the number of knocks.

In this spell, we use this simple yet potent technique to harness planetary forces and effectively manifest our desires. The procedure is straightforward.

To enhance the potency and effectiveness of your spell-work, you might consider aligning your intentions with the phases of the moon and corresponding planetary days of the week. You can elevate your magical practice by synchronizing your intentions with the cosmic energies associated with each lunar phase and day. However, remember that while these correspondences can offer benefits, you are not limited to performing your spell at specific times.

Tapping into Planetary Energies for Manifesting Desires

Seven pointed Star With Seven Planets

By performing this simple spell with precision and care, you can open a mystical portal that connects you with the planetary energies governing your deepest desires. Yet, it's essential to approach this cosmic force with mindfulness and caution, for its power is unparalleled. When you confidently knock on the door of this extraordinary realm with unwavering intention, you set in motion a cascade of powerful energies that amplify and manifest your intentions beyond imagination. Embrace the awe-inspiring journey that awaits as you harness the immense power of the universe itself.

Whatever you seek, you can tap into the planetary influences that perfectly align with your desires. You can manifest your intentions by harnessing these celestial forces through a simple knocking act. The effectiveness of this spell lies in its beautiful simplicity, allowing the energies to flow effortlessly.

It's crucial to have unwavering faith that the Infinite Intelligence of the universe harmoniously works with these planetary energies, always guiding you toward your ultimate good. If your desires align with your Soul's Will, the cosmic forces will conspire to fulfill what you seek.

Knocking symbolizes opening doors to these powerful and transformative forces, inviting them into your life with open arms. Embrace this sacred ritual and witness the universe respond with abundant blessings and synchronicities.

Should I Repeat the Spell or Not?

Repeating the spell daily can allow you to build a thoughtform over time. One way to do this is to repeat the spell daily until you get a sense of peace and certainty about the matter. This repetition helps reinforce the intention and energy behind the spell, gradually strengthening its effect.

Alternatively, you can repeat the spell for specific days aligned with corresponding planetary numbers. This practice connects the spell-work even more with the planetary energies associated with each day, enhancing the resonance and potency of the spell. For instance, a Saturn spell would be repeated for three consecutive days, while a Jupiter spell would be repeated for four days.

Performing and releasing a single-day spell is also perfectly acceptable and quite common. This practice allows for a focused and concentrated use of magic within a shorter timeframe. It's important to remember that the effectiveness of a spell is not solely determined by repetition. While repeating a spell can reinforce intentions, developing a deep sense of faith and confidence in your magical abilities is more crucial. By doing so, you can harness the full potential of your magic and manifest your desires with greater efficacy. Always follow your intuition as to whether or not to repeat the spell.

Simplicity is Power

The true strength of this system lies in its simplicity, which allows for a clear and straightforward process. By embracing simplicity, you unlock the boundless potential of Infinite Intelligence.

This omnipotent force leverages the very cosmic energies to manifest your needs and desires, always working in harmony for your overall well-being. However, it's crucial to acknowledge that while magic can align circumstances in your favor, you are responsible for taking the initiative and seizing the opportunities that come your way. You actively participate in co-creating your destiny alongside your Soul through your actions and choices. So, embrace the power of simplicity and place your trust in the harmonious dance between the universe and your intentions.

In the New Testament, the character Jesus imparted the timeless wisdom of "Knock, and it shall be opened." This profound statement encapsulates the concept of actively seeking and manifesting our desires. It symbolizes our engagement with the powerful planetary forces that govern the universe as we knock on their door, ready to embrace the opportunities and blessings that await us on our magical journey.

How to Cast the Knock-on-Wood Spell

To successfully perform the Knock on Wood Spell, please follow the step-by-step instructions provided here:

  1. Begin by determining which planet governs your desire. Each planet is associated with different aspects of life and can influence your intentions in unique ways. Take some time to explore the characteristics and forces of each planet, and find the one that resonates most with your specific desire.

  2. Once you have identified the planet, take a moment to daydream about what you want or visualize yourself being free from something you wish to be rid of. Immerse yourself in this vision, allowing you to feel your desire's emotions and sensations. This step helps to create a clear and focused intention. If you don't think you can visualize, that's OK. Just do whatever you must to pretend you already have what you want.

  3. Next, it's time to perform a symbolic action to amplify your intention and be attuned to the forces that can help you. Knock audibly, preferably on wood, the number of times corresponding to the planetary number. This action is believed to connect you and the planetary forces, applying those forces to your desire. The knock should be firm and distinct, resonating with the power of your intention. This is not a superstitious act. It is a ritual act. You are symbolically knocking on the door of that sphere.

  4. Lastly, express gratitude to the celestial energies manifesting your desires. Recognize the invaluable support and guidance you've received, and extend your heartfelt appreciation for their assistance in bringing your intentions to life. Gratitude is a profound practice that cultivates a magnetic connection with the divine, enhancing your bond with the planetary forces and ensuring the success of your magical endeavors.

Planetary Numbers and Powers

Presented here are the seven ancient planets, along with their mystical applications and corresponding planetary numbers:

Saturn (Saturday) - Saturn, the planet of boundaries and order, is perfect for spells related to protection, discipline, real estate, antiques, medical issues associated with old age, and accountability. Knock THREE times.

Jupiter (Thursday) - Being the largest planet in our solar system, Jupiter is associated with wealth and prosperity. The most effective spells under its influence attract abundance, success, legal victory, world travel, higher learning, the expansion of anything good, mercy, kindness, and generosity. Knock FOUR times.

Mars (Tuesday) - Mars, the planet of courage, ambition, and conflict, is best suited for spells focusing on bravery, determination, surgery and recovery, armed forces, veterans' issues, protection, anger management, and dispute resolution. Knock FIVE times.

Sun (Sunday) - Although not a planet, the Sun symbolizes vitality, creativity, and power. Spells cast under the Sun's radiant energy are most effective for good health, personal power, male health issues, success, visibility, protection, and creativity. Knock SIX times.

Venus (Friday) - Venus, the planet of love and beauty, lends its energy to spells of attraction, self-love, and appreciation. Cast a spell to attract love or enhance self-confidence and personal allure. This also includes spells related to the arts, design, luxury, prosperity, and understanding how love conquers all. Knock SEVEN times.

Mercury (Wednesday) - Known for its connection to communication, the best spells for Mercury promote clarity in understanding and expression. Think of enchantments for clear thinking or charms that enhance eloquence and persuasive speech. This includes spells for exams, commuting, communication, commerce, business dealings, language, and writing. Knock EIGHT times.

Moon (Monday) - Like the Sun, the Moon was also considered one of the seven "planets" in ancient times. Known for its influence on emotions and intuition, the Moon is perfect for spells concerning emotional healing, psychic abilities, home, motherhood, female health issues, and love. Knock NINE times.

Knocking on the Door to Planetary Forces

In conclusion, it is crucial to understand that the ability to perform this enchantment does not solely stem from planetary forces but from the Infinite Intelligence that operates through them. Remember, you possess the inherent right to tap into this power and manifest your needs and desires. However, it is vital to acknowledge that the doors of opportunity will readily open only if you summon the courage to take the initiative, knock, and embrace the possibilities that await you. So, venture forth with bravery and determination, and unlock the infinite potential within you!

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Anna Crew
Anna Crew
Sep 17, 2023

Ariel...I just decided yesterday to study planetary magic! How did you know! 🤗


Michelle M
Michelle M
Sep 15, 2023

I absolutely love simplicity... I really do!! Thank you SO SO much for sharing this :)

Ariel Gatoga
Ariel Gatoga
Sep 15, 2023
Replying to

You are very welcome. Thank you for reading and for your comment. Blessed be.

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