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Make A Prosperity Stick

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

This money charm is simple to make, a lot of fun and very effective.

This spell is best performed on a Sunday during the first week after a new moon.


1. A green or white candle

2. Salt

3. A Cinnamon Stick

4. Red cord, twine, ribbon, or yarn

5. Jasmine perfume or oil

6. A coin of any denomination in your local currency



1. Scratch the stick with the coin, drawing towards you, thinking of your desire.

2. Leaving some slack at the end, wind the red cord around the stick lengthwise, keeping the winds as uniform as possible.

3. Holding it secure with one hand, wrap the cord around and around towards you with your other hand.

4. Chant "money, money come to me; money, come to me today; as I will, so mote it be," while you are winding.

5. When you are finished winding, tuck the loose end under the long end of the cord to secure it.


6. Trim off any excess cord.

7. Anoint the charm with jasmine perfume.

8. Put a ring of salt around the charm, place the candle in the ring next to the charm and light the candle.

9. Let the candle burn down and out. Hide the charm somewhere in your home.

10. Re-anoint it every new moon, if it's for general prosperity.


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