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Respect Your Symbols

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Why We Use Symbols In Magic

We have within us a depth of mind that is connected to everything and everyone who has ever lived and who will ever live. This is because there is but one mind, and we all share that mind. This shared mind is a type of "species memory" which is often called the Akashic Records. If a certain symbol has been used for generations for a specific result, that ingredient carries a great deal of Akashic power. We are literally tuning into EVERYONE who has ever used this symbol before and can thus draw on that power. Spells, when well cast, are devices of communication from the surface mind to the deep mind. The deep mind, which is always in contact with the Akashic Records, is more amenable to suggestion when we communicate to it with meaningful symbols it understands.

We choose ingredients in a spell based on things like planetary correspondences, ancient traditional practices, color, scent, etc., all of which carry a great deal of symbolic weight in the Akashic Records.

Superstition vs. magic

The symbols of a spell have absolutely zero mystical powers in and of themselves. We may like to believe that our crystals emit a certain "energy," but we would have a very hard time finding any scientific proof to back up our hypothesis. However, depending on how well it is used, our crystal DOES carry immense Akashic power. A talisman, for instance, does not work by emitting special frequencies which then cause things to happen for you. Instead, it communicates your desire to your deep mind in a way that your deep mind is amenable to accepting.



Devices of communication

A spell, if it is designed well, can convince your deep mind of your desire, and thus your desire becomes realized. Do you need these physical ingredients to realize your desires with magic? Absolutely not.

Many people work purely with mental magic and don't involve themselves with any physical symbols at all. However, many of us find that the physical tools can really assist us in establishing a healthy rapport with our deep minds.

Symbols have significant power

While it's very healthy to avoid superstition, this doesn't mean we just say, "Oh it's OK, anything goes because it's all just symbolic, anyway."


If we are using a well constructed spell that calls for specific ingredients, those ingredients are there for an excellent reason.


If your spell calls for rosewater, use rosewater. If you CAN'T find rosewater, then find a substitute. If you simply don't feel like going through whatever it takes to procure a bottle of distilled rosewater, then you can get an inkling of the results you can expect from your spell.

Saying, "Oh well, whatever," tells your deep mind you don't care about your spell at all. What we put into our magic is what we get out of it. Often when we make the effort to find a specific ingredient, it is well worth it.

Substituting Ingredients

Now, sometimes certain ingredients are simply too difficult (or even impossible) to obtain. If we can't find an item, we of course aren't doomed. We can always substitute.

But if you must substitute an ingredient in a spell, you must ask yourself

  1. Why was this ingredient included in this spell? And,

  2. What ingredient has similar correspondences and Akashic powers?

Then you must investigate and find a suitable substitute. As we progress in building our power, we learn to do away with superstition, while honoring our symbols and using them to their fullest effect, and thus bring about positive and lasting results with our magic!

Here is a lecture I gave on this topic:


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