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Your Invisible Power

Did you know you already have within you all that is required to get your needs met right now?

Start by relaxing your body. Go through your body and relax it, bit by bit. Breathe gently but deeply to facilitate this process.

Next, quiet your mind. A great method for quieting the mind is something I call The Magic Minute:

The Magic Minute

Close your eyes. and begin to breathe comfortably. Notice your breathing for a few moments. Begin to silently repeat the word "Blessed" in your mind each time you inhale. On each exhale, silently repeat the word "Be." Keep this simple practice up for a minute or longer.

Cast a Simple Spell

Next, begin to see yourself being, doing, or having an example of the experience you want. For example, if it is money you need, see yourself checking your bank balance and seeing it be the amount you desire.

Keep your mental movie short enough that you can see it on a mental "loop." Keep repeating this visual loop over and over as you stay in a relaxed state.

While you are seeing your mental loop being repeated, begin to chant a simple statement that your desire has been fulfilled. For example, chant, "I am grateful that these needs have all been met in Divine order and through Divine Love."

The whole process doesn't need to take more than five or ten minutes.

Release Your Spell

Repeat this simple spell several times during the day for several days.

The first sign that your spell is working is that you will stop feeling worried or upset about the issue. Once you feel a sense of peace and certainty about the matter, you know your spell has "taken," and the manifestation is simply a matter of time. Once you feel your spell has taken, just forget about the matter completely and allow the resolution to manifest in its perfect time and in its perfect way.

You can use your inner powers to be victorious in all areas of your life.

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1 Comment

Erika Rogers
Erika Rogers
Apr 05, 2022

Thank you for your contributions. You have a beautiful way of explaining things that really just puts me at ease. You are a wonderful teacher and I'm so glad I was lead to you. Blessings 💕

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