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You Wield Great Power

You wield great power in this world, but the world has probably taught you for your entire life that the opposite is true. Therefore, you don't even know that this great power is available to you.

Think of your surface mind as a gardener and your deep mind as the fertile earth in which seeds of any kind will grow and thrive. Then consider the thoughts your conscious mind entertains and cherishes as being the seeds the gardener is planting.

Experiment with this concept. Take an entire week and pore over the thoughts that you are choosing to contemplate about yourself, others, and all your circumstances.

You may find this to be a daunting task, but don't let it be. Allow your emotions to be your guide. Your emotions reveal which seeds are germinating.

If you are feeling a negative or tense emotion, think of it as thought-seeds of fear, tension, hatred, sickness, poverty, etc. that are growing in your garden. If you are feeling relaxed emotions, see them as the fresh growth from seeds of love, joy, peace, plenty, healing, etc.

During your week of experimentation, at the end of each day, think back over your day and recall any negative emotions, thoughts, or occurrences you had that day. Let go of your grievances, upsets, and tensions. Allow yourself to feel peace about these situations and these people prior to going to sleep.

Working in this manner, you are literally digging up the weeds you don't want in your garden, and allowing the good that do you want to thrive. After a week of doing this, you will see results that may surprise or even amaze you.

Once you prove to yourself that you wield this power, things will never be the same for you again, and that's a splendid thing.

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