A Spell For True Love

A Spell for True Love

This is an old love spell that has helped a great many people to find their true love.

This love spell is best performed on a Friday during the first week after a new moon.


  1. Dried Rose Petals

  2. Sugar

  3. Small bottle with lid

  4. 2 candles (one pink, and one the color of your sun sign)

  5. Vegetable oil

  6. Essential or fragrance oils of rose, jasmine, and sandalwood

  7. Pink Fabric

  8. White or pink ribbon


1. Make the love powder

Blend the dried rose petals and sugar together well. This is your love powder.

2. Make the love oil

Pour some vegetable oil into the bottle. Add a few drops of each fragrance oil into the vegetable oil and blend well. Keep bottle closed tightly when not in use.

3. Anoint the candles with love oil

Anoint the candle representing you first, saying “This candle represents me,” then place it on a steady tray covered in the pink fabric.

Next, anoint the one representing your true love saying, “This candle represents my true love,”

Wear this love oil as your personal fragrance during the 7 days of the spell

4. Make a figure eight with love powder around the candles

Take the love powder and sprinkle it around the candles in the shape of a figure eight, chanting “over land and over sea, my true love now comes to me.”

5. Light the candles

Keep chanting as you light your candle first, then the pink one.

6. Conjure the feeling of being with your true love

Sit before the lit candles and imagine and FEEL yourself in a beautiful relationship. Keep this up for about five minutes, then extinguish the candles. Move the tray out of sight until the next night.

7. Repeat the candle lighting and conjuring for 7 nights total

Each night, light the candles as before, chanting the love chant then sit again before the candles and visualize and feel your desire. On the last night, allow the candles to burn down and out by themselves (never leave a burning candle unattended).

8. Make the love charm

After the candles have burned out remove the candleholders and make a charm by lifting the corners of the pink fabric around the love powder and tie it up with the ribbon.

9. Anoint the charm

Anoint this charm with the oil while chanting the love chant.

10. Hide the charm in your home Throw it away once your true love arrives.

Astral Candle Colors

Aries - Red Libra - Pink

Taurus - Green Scorpio - Black

Gemini - Yellow Sagittarius - Purple

Cancer - White Capricorn - Brown or grey

Leo - Orange Aquarius - Light Blue

Virgo - Brown or green Pisces - Dark Blue

Note: At the beginning of this post you'll find a video that shows the entire procedure!

Blessed be.

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