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A Pentacle to Break Any Hex

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Angel Magic with Samael

The Third Pentacle of Mars from the Key of Solomon

Hexes are not a big deal unless you make them one. Pull yourself out of the equation and call on the Archangel of Mars, Samael. If you have taken my Basic Angel Magic Course, then you already know that Samael is a beneficial archangel who rules the sphere of Mars. Give a conflict to Samael, and he will always handle it in the highest way possible. Remember that you are coming to Samael because your goal is peace, not revenge. Being completely free from any curse or hex is what you want. Leave all else to the Law of Cause and effect to sort out. Creating this talisman is a way of reverently asking Samael for help.

This spell is best performed on a Tuesday during the waning moon, however need is always more important than timing.

Materials needed:

  1. Pencil or pen (black)

  2. Piece of red paper or card

  3. Ruler

  4. Compass

  5. Protractor

  6. Perfume of mars (I like Honeysuckle, but ginger, or myrrh are also excellent choices)

  7. Red pepper powder

  8. Vegetable oil

  9. Salt Note: If you are using a spray perfume, then incense is not needed, but if you are using a perfume oil, you will also want to burn incense and wave the talisman through the incense.


Procedure (see video example at the end):

  1. Cut an 8.5" square of red paper or card and mark a dot in the center of the page.

  2. Draw a 5" circle and then a 6" circle just outside of the first circle .

  3. With a protractor, create a triangle pointing up, touching the inner circle.

  4. Draw a second triangle pointing down within the first triangle.

  5. Darken all lines in the talisman with black ink.

  6. Draw a six-pointed star on the top of the talisman between the two circles, followed by the god names, in Hebrew, all around the circle (right to left).

  7. Write the other Hebrew characters on the face of the talisman in black ink.

  8. Flip the paper over and write your petition to Samael in Coptic Script.

  9. Anoint the talisman with a perfume of Mars.

  10. Sprinkle salt over the circle of the talisman.

  11. Sprinkle powdered red pepper on top of the circle of salt.

  12. Anoint a red candle and a black candle with some anointing oil (vegetable oil with a pinch of salt mixed in). Set the candles inside the talisman, red on the right and black on the left, and light them--red candle first and then black.

  13. Knock five times on the altar, and close your eyes. Do your very best to see a white light, while you conjure a feeling of deep peace for an entire five minutes; then let the candles burn down and out by themselves.

  14. Carefully carry the talisman with the powder on it outdoors. Sprinkle it anywhere outside. Return indoors and rip up the talisman and throw it in your garbage.

  15. Know that all hexes are broken and you are free, safe and all is well.


Example of the Third Pentacle of Mars

The Coptic Script


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