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Magic For Others

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

Your Magic is For You!

I intend all the different techniques and courses I teach to be used for yourself, not for others. There are several reasons for this.

First off, doing magic for someone else without their permission is not helping them, it's attacking them.

How would you feel if someone came into your home without your knowledge or consent and completely redecorated it to suit their tastes?

Even if this was done with the best of intentions, it would not feel good at all—it would feel like exactly what it was: a violation of your privacy and your freedom.

But what about working magic to benefit other people WITH their permission?

Avoid Magical Debt On All Sides

First, if you are not very experienced in magic to begin with, you are best advised to learn your craft by practicing on yourself, especially until you know what you are doing and have a track record of success in doing it.

Second, if people are asking for your help, and they truly think magic will work, then they should learn how to practice magic themselves. You get out of magic what you put into it. The only way someone can get decent results from magic is to either learn to practice it themselves, or to pay an expert to do the magic for them. Otherwise you are helping the person to be indebted to you.

You had better really have a lot of experience and a good understanding of what you are doing if you are going to charge money to perform magic. The Craft is extremely efficient at keeping itself equalized. If you take payment on behalf of the Craft and you aren't capable of delivering, you will have a debt that has to be paid by you.

If you work magic to better yourself, you are always in a safe space, and it's completely debt-free. This is because you are using it for a right purpose. When you work magic for others, you are often meddling where you don't belong.

Bless Others and Save the Spells for Yourself

Is it right to be supportive of people when they need you? Of course it is!

Is it right to send blessings to people who are in need? Absolutely it is right!

Is it right to visualize light surrounding these people and seeing them happy, healthy and free along all lines? Of course it is!

But that doesn't mean you cast a spell on them. Save that for your own life. It's what your magic is for.

The exceptions are your immediate family. Immediate family is a very different thing. Give them all the magic you know if they need it, but don't practice or experiment on them. Only use tried and true spells that you have experience with.

Magic as self care gives us unimaginable power to thrive beyond our wildest dreams.

Magic to "fix" the world always seems to have unintended backfires, and for me, it is magic best left unperformed.


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You are so amazing for reading my blog and for being a part of Ariel's Corner. It's because of you I find such joy in sharing my techniques of working magic.

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4 комментария

Sherri Roberts
Sherri Roberts
09 нояб. 2021 г.

I need some help i feel like im floundering all the time im not exactly cotroling or even aware of what im doing sometimes i would realy like to find someone to mentor me


100% agree.

Meddling, proselytizing, and karma policing bear ill fruit.


Thank you for all the information. I have learned so much about the Psalms because of you. I respect the magic you explain and I know to only use it for myself!!!


Louse Torres
Louse Torres
08 июн. 2021 г.

Hi Ariel, thanks for your blog. I wouldn't dare try anything such as do magic for others. The beginning of my courses , that was the first thing you said. So I do as I am instructed to do. My first spell it is coming around smooth. I am not advanced I rather take my time. . BB

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