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The Art of Cursing in Psalm Magic: A Guide to the Psalmic Initiatory Path

an altar set up for a Psalm Curse


Traditional witchcraft includes the use of curses, often avoided in newer witchcraft beliefs. However, traditional witches hold an axiom, "A witch who cannot curse cannot heal." Some of the most powerful Curses in magic are those that exist in Palm magic.

The Book of Psalms is fundamental to psalm magic and can be studied independently from the Bible. This article will guide you through psalmic magic and its application, with a focus on curses in the book of Psalms. Ready to learn more?

The Book of Psalms

A home altar used for Psalm Magic

To perform psalm magic, you only need the Book of Psalms. Any translation will work, but the Authorized King James Version is my favorite to use.  I prefer it for its reliable translation and enchanting Shakespearean language which I find utterly magical. Any of the standard translations will work, however, using translations in overly simplified "plain English" is not advisable. While these translations aim to make the text easier to understand, they often miss important symbols and meanings. In the Psalms, symbols hold significant magical power, often far beyond their literal interpretation.

Psalm magic involves uncovering hidden magical elements that are not always obvious.

Exploring the Psalms in Hebrew using side-by-side translations makes a wonderful study. Comparing the Hebrew and English versions of the Psalms can help reveal the precise meaning of certain words. While side-by-side translations may not work well as incantations, they are valuable for study purposes. If studying the Hebrew isn't interesting to you, don't worry. The bulk of effective Psalm magic is worked using the standard translations.

The Psalms have been used for various magical purposes throughout history and have inspired people from different cultures and traditions. From Hoodoo to Traditional Witchcraft, to Qabalistic magic and grimoires from the Medieval and Renaissance periods, Psalms have played an integral part in magical paths for centuries. Some magical traditions believe that the Book of Psalms predates all other books of the Old Testament, as they believe it has roots in more ancient practices than those of the Hebrews who appropriated, scribed, and changed them to accommodate their particular stories and theology.

The path I teach, known as the Psalmic Initiatory Path, was taught to me by a teacher several years ago. It is a straightforward method that is believed to be part of a larger, invisible tradition and current of magic. Although the origins of this path are uncertain, those who follow its simple principles report remarkable outcomes.

The Formula for Using Psalms for Magic

Before casting your spell, ensure you define your objective clearly. Then follow these steps to cast your spell: 1. Recite the entire Psalm aloud (incantation). 2. Interpret each verse for hidden meanings, trusting your intuition like in tarot readings. Focus on symbols to shape your thoughts and manifest your desired reality - known in Psalm Magic as "Planting Magic Seeds" in the garden of your mind.

The meanings of the Psalms will be be applied differently based on the situation, making them highly practical for magic. When using a Psalm for a specific issue, its interpretation evolves. By keeping an open mind, decoding the symbols, and making it a personal and dynamic experience, the thought patterns related to the situation can be reshaped. This can eliminate problematic thoughts or create new ones in order for your spell to manifest. Repeat the spell daily until you feel a deep sense of peace and certainty that your issue is resolved or goal achieved. This feeling usually comes before seeing physical results. Once you sense that peace, your spell is done, and you can stop casting. Give it time to manifest naturally by shifting your focus to other things.

Psalm magic using candles and an altar

Practicing Psalm Magic

If someone needs financial support, they might work the Psalm Formula one of the Prosperity Psalms, such as Psalm 72. Similarly, if someone feels upset and desires peace, they could work Psalm 23. And if someone needs protection, they might turn to Psalm 91.

Many practitioners enhance their Psalm magic with extra rituals like using green candles and prosperity powder for money spells or setting up an altar with white flowers, frankincense, and a bowl of water for protection. However, it's crucial to understand that these are personal choices. In Psalm magic, the Psalm alone suffices for the magic; any other rituals are optional.

The Psalmic Initiatory Path

You don't have to be an Initiate to practice Psalm Magic. Anyone can choose a Psalm, follow the formula, and see results. However, if you aim to follow the path of Magical Initiation, what you do is work that formula on each of the 150 Psalms. Each time you get through the entire 150 Psalms, you move up another degree of initiation. Remember, you can only count one Psalm per day toward your initiation, so it will take at minimum of 150 days to go through all 150 Psalms. For most, the journey takes longer. For me, one degree is achieved per year, approximately.

When working on Psalm 119, you can work it as 22 individual Psalms or as one psalm, depending on your preference. Additionally, more in-depth lectures are available on the path of psalmic initiation.

It's important to note that if you follow the psalmic initiatory path, you will encounter psalmic curses on your journey to earning each degree. Completing all 150 Psalms, some of which are curses, is an integral part of the process.

If you're not on the Psalmic Initiation path, you can pick the Psalms you want to use and skip the ones you don't. However, for those on this path, working with all 150 is required, so dealing with curses is a must. While some may try to justify the curses in Psalms, it's crucial to recognize them for what they are and use them appropriately.

Overview of Curses

a Home altar used for a Psalm Spell

When working with psalmic curses, it's common to use them on our negative thoughts to break them up, as a type of banishing spell. Psalm magicians often curse debt, poverty, or ill health, but people can also be cursed. Just so you know, it's within your rights to do so.

Psalm 109 mentions Satan as an entity that the Psalmist asks God to act against their enemies. Satan is described as working for God, not as an antichrist or adversary against God. Rather, he is an adversary FOR God, like a district attorney pursuing criminals on behalf of the government. In the context of psalmic magic, Satan is seen as a title, not a specific individual.

When you curse someone, it's like filing charges against them. You're essentially taking legal action against that person. However, whether or not this "case" proceeds is beyond your control. Just like in a real court, you can't determine the outcome. It might work in your favor or it might not, but you have the right to take that action.

Psalm Magic often groups Psalms for specific purposes, like focusing on prosperity by working through a set of prosperity Psalms over several days. Similarly, we often cast a curse by working through a series of curse Psalms, one each day for ten days. This systematic approach streamlines the process, allowing you to work through multiple Psalms for your goals.

The Art of Cursing with Psalms

When using Psalmic curses, remember to reserve them for matters of significance to you. Whether directing a curse towards a situation, habit, or condition, clarity of purpose is key. It's important to reiterate that these curses can also be employed to address individuals who have harmed you, a friend, or a loved one.

It's important to remember that when performing a Psalmic curse you're protected. If the target is innocent, no harm will come to them or to you. There's built-in safety in Psalmic cursing. 

If someone has truly done something wrong, they will face consequences eventually, even without your curse. However, casting Psalm curses seems to accelerate the process for some reason. Although the mechanics behind it still baffles me, I just know Psalmic curses work.

an altar set up for casting a psalm Curse

The Psalmic Curses in Action

About 30 years ago, someone stole several of my witchcraft courses verbatim and sold them as their own very expensive correspondence courses. They didn't even rewrite the material, they just erased my name and put in their own. I used divination to confirm my suspicion and then cast a curse on this person.

The police agreed to be present to “keep the peace” when I confronted the person to recover my materials.

I went to the person's apartment in the company of two police officers, and upon confronting him, he denied knowing anything about the theft. One police officer asked for his ID, but he refused to show it. After a brief argument, the police took him to the station for questioning, and I was left alone in the apartment.

I searched the apartment and found a box containing all my materials. I also found some files of the same material on his computer, which I deleted. Later, I learned that the person was wanted for embezzlement in another state, and thus was held in local custody, extradited, and sentenced to five years in prison. Despite the theft, I recovered my materials, and justice was served.

A psalm spell using an altar with the Celtic Goddess Brigid

The Role of Psalmic Curses in Maintaining Safety and Order

In our world, there are bad people, tough situations, wars, violence, predators, thieves, terrorists, and evil individuals. It's important to take a stand against these threats in our own lives to assert our right to safety, order, and protection. 

Using Psalmic curses strategically can deter wrongdoers and reinforce boundaries when needed. Some people behave in unacceptable ways, and facing the consequences of a curse helps them understand the impact and avoid repeating their actions. The power of Psalms is genuine and impactful in this regard. 

Psalmic curses are not the same as psychic attacks. If a mistake is made and the person doesn't merit the curse, no harm will occur. The Psalms' powers are flawless. By using them instead of cursing on your own, you're not only shielded from any repercussions but can be certain these are the most potent curses in the world.

As you progress on this initiatory journey, you become more perceptive, wiser, gentler, peaceful, and kinder. When you need to curse a person, you're likely in tune with what's necessary. It's about co-creating solutions rather than acting alone. Psalmic curses play a crucial role in Psalm Magic and are approached seriously, with neither excuse nor abuse!


In conclusion, the art of cursing with Psalms serves to dispel negativity and combat dangerous behavior. Embrace their purpose without the need for justification. This concludes our introduction into psalmic curses along the psalmic initiatory path. I hope you found it engaging and insightful. Thank you for reading, and until we meet again, blessed be.

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