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Working Magic In Your Sleep

When we have our defenses up, it's difficult for our magic to work. This is because when our defenses are up, the thought forms we desire don't project easily due to the mental shield those defenses erect.

Tension holds this mental shield in place. Tension and defensiveness are antithetical to effective magic. For our magic to be effective, it's mandatory that we build an infrastructure within our minds and bodies of peace, relaxation, and faith.

Tense thoughts perpetuate magical failure.

That is why one of a magician's most important skills is establishing relaxation for an extended period.

Beginners often overlook this skill. Frequently, new practitioners are more interested in the colors, the candles, the tools, the incense, the magic words, and other such trappings. These things have essential functions in magic, but none of these magical accessories can do much for you if you aren't in the proper relaxed state where magic can happen.

Remember that when casting any spell, we aim to build a thought form for our desire. When our deep mind accepts this thought form, our desire comes to pass. When our deep mind does not accept our thought form, our desire does not manifest.

It is not usual that the deep mind will accept a thought form unless we are in a state of utter relaxation.

When we cast a spell, it’s often a good idea to repeat our casting process daily until we get a sense of peace and certainty about our spell. This feeling of peace and certainty lets us know that we have successfully planted the thought form in the deep mind.

Once we've deposited that thought form successfully into the deep mind, our work is done. After we achieve this feeling of peace and certainty, doing more casting can delay, or even diminish, our results. A peaceful feeling regarding your desire is the deep mind telling you, “I've got this. I'm on it. You leave it to me.”

It is helpful to know that the mental shield is naturally down during two times of the day: when we fall asleep and when we wake up.

Our mental shield must come down when we fall asleep because there's no tension to hold it in place. The mental tension is gone because the mind has fallen asleep. Therefore, a way to get a thought form into the deep mind and be sure that your mental shield is down is by working magic as you enter and exit sleep.

To do this, take your thought form and condense it into an easy-to-remember phrase or incantation. Rhyming your phrase is a good idea, but not absolutely necessary.

You need a short phrase. For instance, if you were trying to heal yourself from a cold, you might think, “I’m feeling better and better.” If you wanted a raise at work, “My bank account is showing that my salary is growing.” Etc.

Repeat your phrase repeatedly, silently in your mind, as you're falling asleep.

Don't simply repeat it like a parrot. Feel it, see it, and be one with your desire while repeating your silent phrase.

You can even use a single word instead of a phrase. For instance, if you're working a money spell, you could repeat the word wealth as you drop off to sleep, see the wealth, and feel the happiness and joy of knowing that this financial issue works out perfectly.

As you wake up in the morning, remember to return to the same mantra, picture, and feelings of your thought form that you fell asleep with.

This way, you have not only dropped your thought form into the deep mind as you fell asleep, but also reconstituted it as you wake up again.

Experiment with this technique and prove to yourself that it works.

Take one goal or problem and decide how it will look and feel once your goal manifests. Create a very brief phrase that represents the feeling that your spell has already manifested.

For seven straight nights, as you are going to sleep, do your best to see yourself being, doing, or having this thing. Feel the feelings you think you would feel once the spell has manifested. Then repeat your little phrase silently in your mind as you fall asleep.

In the morning, as you awaken, return to your phrase, mental picture, and feeling of accomplishment as soon as you think of it. Sometimes I put a post-it note on my alarm clock so I remember to cast a spell in my mind as I wake up.

After the seven days are up, notice how you feel. Ask yourself if you feel peace and certainty about your goal. If yes, stop casting on that thing and move on to something else. If you don’t have peace and certainty, repeat the process for another seven days.

Besides working magic on goals and problems, you can also use this technique to get answers and information.

For instance, if you have lost an item, you can tell your deep mind that you want to know where the lost item is. Then drop off to sleep with a mental mantra such as, “I know where it is,” and return to that mantra when you awaken in the morning.

Frequently, the answer pops into your mind spontaneously when you aren’t thinking about it during the day.

Take charge of your time as you're entering and exiting sleep, and notice the difference this one little change in your daily routine makes.

This practice doesn’t cost you any extra time; it only costs a bit of extra mental effort at night and in the morning to keep focused as you fall asleep and wake back up again.

But you have to fall asleep and wake up every day, anyway. Rather than wasting these daily opportunities, you could use both times to your advantage and get what you want.

Bring the dreams of what you desire into your dream world and let your dream world make them real for you. Below is a lecture I gave on this topic, Working Magic In Your Sleep:

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matthew smith
matthew smith
Feb 09, 2023

So where can I get more info on the path workings and God's?


matthew smith
matthew smith
Feb 08, 2023

Hi, I am so glad you brought this up. I had a situation yesterday where a younger co-worker who carries an attitude and whose mother works in the front office did something completely reckless and irresponsible. I got very angry at him very quickly, the adrenaline took off and it was difficult to put it down. I eventually did. I have a big thing going to learn to heal myself. but the spirit has told me...if you cant destroy, you cannot heal. CONFLICT. But, last night all the pictures came flooding back, it was like I was reliving it all over. I did the best i could to put it down ,i even woke up walked around and eventually did…

Ariel Gatoga
Ariel Gatoga
Feb 09, 2023
Replying to

Blessed be!!

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